A Fiery Manicure For When You're In A Dark Mood

To paraphrase Paramore, "It's just nail art, but it's enough to keep me going."
Publish date:
June 10, 2014
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I’m sure most of us have, at one point or the other, had a case of the blues. I’ll admit--rainy days and Monday always get me down.

While it seems worthwhile to spiral into a pit of despair and melancholia, most times, it’s useful to keep one foot grounded somewhere, and to keep the good vibrations in effect (in the least-corny way possible). We all need to be reminded to stay positive, and this thought has helped me out on my own rainy days and Mondays.

Positive affirmations and reminders can be useful when everything feels dark, and what better way to remember that it’s going to be different soon than nail art to cheer you up? It may not lift you out of your darkest moments, but it could put a brief smile on your face, a respite of some sort.

For this very reason, I have the perfect nail art tutorial to cheer you up; simple yet effective, the results yielding a strong reminder that this, too, shall, indeed, pass (man, I love commas).

Of course, your cheer-up nail art can include anything (in the same way that a string tied around your finger can remind you of an undone task), but it’s nice to have it be a token of something significant, a reminder in not only its presence, but in the image itself.

I chose to do a minimalistic spark, after a line in one of my favourite Paramore songs, "Last Hope," that says, "It's just a spark, but it's enough to keep me going."

All you need to pull this off are two colours--I chose a dark blue for my base and a rose gold for the spark--and some Magic Tape (one of the only tapes to use for nail art because it isn’t sticky enough that it will pull your nail polish off with it).

First, paint your nails using the colour of your spark--in my case, rose gold. It’s better to paint the lighter colour first because dark covers light much easier and with fewer coats required.

Wait for this to dry completely. Then, using your magic tape, cut little triangles and put them on one side of your nails, like this:

Make sure they’re stuck on nicely and none of the edges lift, so that your darker colour doesn’t bleed into the clean lines.

Next, paint your nails as you normally would with your darker colour.

While your darker polish dries, remove your tape. Don’t remove it right away, as the polish will still be a little runny. I normally wait around a minute or two before removing it.

After everything is completely, 100%, without-a-doubt dry, paint on a top coat.

And done. Every time you're feeling a little icky, look at your cheery nails as a small reminder of why you exist. As Iggy Pop wrote to a dejected fan, "So hang on, my love, and grow big and strong and take your hits and keep going."

Do you paint your nails to cheer yourself up? What are some beauty products that always bring out out of the blues?