Put A Bow On It... And By 'It' I Mean Your Fingernail

My motto: She who curseth nail art needeth to lighten up.
Publish date:
January 15, 2014
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If someone walked up to me on the street and asked me to pigeon-hole my style sense, I'd probably say something like, "It's 'grown up' with a quirky twist." Many of my garments are basics that I then dress up or down with splashy accessories. Sometimes I'll throw on the occasional zany print or get a little girly with my makeup choices.

Really--and I'm sure this is the case for most people--how I style myself ultimately depends on my mood.

One area that I consistently have the most fun with is my nails (in case you didn't figure that out from all my previous manicure posts). I love peculiar colors and blinding glitter and coo-worthy designs. My motto: She who curseth nail art needeth to lighten up (I just made that up).

Anyway, a girly design I often revisit is a simple but adorable bow. And today, I'm showing you how to paint one--or five--on your own fingernails.

After your base coat, apply a few coats of your base color. I'm using Lush Lacquer's "Lost My Marbles," a creamy pink with neon matte glitter flecks.

My nails are going through a really rough patch right now since I neglected my normal routine while on holiday. Please forgive!

On to the design!

Your three dots should all touch each other. You can use two different sized dotting tools, or simply apply less pressure when creating your middle dot so the color doesn't spread out as much.

I'm using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in "White On."

Now, you can stop here, or you can add two little "ribbon legs." The choice is yours.

Not too shabby for 15 minutes of work! Let me show you two more examples from previous bow manicures I've done.

Ya dig? Tag me or xoVain on Twitter or Instagram if you try it out, or post a picture here!