An Easy Blood Splatter Mani to Help You Get in the Mood for Halloween

Wicked fun at your fingertips!
Publish date:
October 20, 2015
halloween, manicure, nail art, halloween nails

Nail art is not my strong suit, so anytime I find a fun mani I can do, I jump on it. I’ve seen blood-splatter manicures all across the internet for the last few years and thought they looked easy enough that even I could manage. And if I can, you can.

Here’s what you need:

After I applied my base coat and let it dry, I painted my nails white. It took me about two coats to get to full opacity, and I applied each layer very thinly and let it completely dry before applying the next coat.

Next, I dumped out some dark red polish onto an old newspaper, dipped the end of my straw into it, and blew into the other side of the straw so that the red polish would splatter all over the white.

One thing I like about this mani is that it’s meant to be imperfect, and the variations in splatter have a really cool effect. Some nails ended up with bigger blobs of polish while others had a more spread-out look. I also tried blowing the polish onto the nail from different angles to create more variation.

Once I was satisfied with my splatter, I applied a top coat and then wiped the excess red polish off my fingers and around the cuticles with Q-tips and nail polish remover. (In retrospect, I probably would have done this glue hack Mari wrote about a while back to make clean up a little easier.)

Overall, I was pleased with how this turned out and was thankful that it wasn’t too difficult for me to do.

Are you planning on sporting a Halloween mani this month?