The Best Nail Art Ideas Of 2014

Plus, show us your best nail art of the year in the comments!
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January 1, 2015
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2014 was a top notch year for xoVain, especially where nail art was concerned. Everyone brought their A-game, but today I'm rounding up the creme de la creme.

1. The Northern Lights

Capture the insanely beautiful Aurora Borealis with Trista’s instructions. First, a bit of sponge ombré, then simply draw on the trees.

2. The Turquoise Stone

Hannah translated her love of jewelry into this turquoise stone manicure. It consists of a mint base, sponged on white and dark blue-green polishes, and painted on black veins.

3. Rose French Tips

Leave it to Wendy to bring us the prettiest (and simplest) vintage manicure of the year. The tips are just a few rose-colored dots with some white swirled on for dimension and some green for the leaves. Easy, right?

4. The Evil Eyes

I really enjoyed celebrating my Greek heritage with this evil eye manicure. Using French manicure guides (or even your free hand), paint the white base and add light blue dots and darker, smaller blue dots overtop. Now you can ward off jealousy without spitting three times.

5. The Triangle Strip

When Alle gave herself rad (temporary) knuckle tattoos, she matched them with this insanely simple nail art idea. It uses nail strips cut into triangles--so much easier than actual nail polish!

6. Emoji Art

Who doesn’t love emojis? No text message is complete without at least seven, right? Kelly artistically portrayed her recently-used emojis with a white base and some nail art pens. Her tip to dot on the shapes instead of drawing them is super smart.

7. Pop Art

Zoe was inspired to create these nails after seeing Hayley Elsaesser's spring 2015 runway show. Using bright nail polish and nail art pens, she alternated colors and designs to recreate the look.

8. The Pro Job

Like DaMonica, a lot of people don’t have the steady hand for nail art. No problem! Follow her example and treat yo self to a stunning manicure done by a pro. Hers was inspired by Valentino’s resort 2015 collection.

9. The Negative Space

Yet another easy, runway-inspired idea from Zoe. For this one, use French manicure guides or magic tape to block off sections to paint or leave bare. Then you’ll have a blank space, baby, and I’ll write your name.

  • What's the best nail art idea you came across in 2014?
  • Show us your own best of 2014 nail art in the comments!