7 Nail Artists You Seriously Need to Be Following On Instagram If You Aren't Already

And why aren't you following them already?! THEY'RE SO GOOD.
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May 27, 2016

I first got into nail art at university, when my housemates and I would line up bottles of Barry M Nail Paint on our mantel shelf and do manicures while watching endless amounts of Sex and the City. Browsing around Tumblr, I found the WAH Nails blog and instantly fell in love. From then on it was leopard print, daisies, and half-moons all the way.

These days, I do nail art less often, but that doesn't stop me showering nail artists with likes on Instagram.

Here's my round-up of artists who inspire me with their unique style. There's not a stamping plate in sight on these accounts!


Jessica Washick is a designer with Nike and a nail artist with the most beautiful natural nails I've ever seen. She uses negative space like nobody else, and she has a great ability to pick complementary or clashing colors depending on the look she's going for. I really like the way her designs range from intricate to graphic, and I have attempted several of her designs in the past on my own nails.


Nancy is based in Not Another Salon on London's Brick Lane and turns out the most incredible manicures based on Disney, Ghibli, Cartoon Network and everything else in between. I am in awe of how much detail she's able to create on even the tiniest of nails. Just look at how perfect these kitty-themed nails are. Sorcery!


WAH Nails is my original nailspiration. Founded by the absolutely boss and amazing Sharmadean Reid, WAH is a salon with its own nail line at Boots, as well as a brand that aims to empower women to express themselves through beauty and give no fucks in the process. I look to WAH for bright, cool, and DGAF nail looks.


According to her bio, Natasha is a 16-year-old nail artist with a lot of time on her hands. That time is well spent on the tiny impressionistic masterpieces she creates like the Monet-style manicure in the picture above. I love her unique use of polish; she reminds me all the time that you don't need to be able to make a perfectly straight line in order to do nail art that makes an impact. And the girl is 16! Killing it!



Close-up ridiculousness 🌿🌹🌿

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I really struggled to pick a photo from Lady Crappo's feed because literally everything she posts sends me into spasms of ecstasy. That's how much I love her nail art. She has an original style, drawing on nature, science, and literature to create something truly special on her nails. Just go and feast your eyes on all of it, like now. And start with these incredible vagina nails first.



Birthday Nails for Oriah ✨

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Hey, Nice Nails! is a salon in Long Beach, California, run by two sisters. I love their feed because of their incredible way with glitter, striping tape, and trinkets. They create insane looks, encase them in gel, and send people on their way into the world to get compliments everywhere they go. I can only hope that my gel skills could ever get anywhere close to this.



Colorful cuticles 🌈 @revlon Vivacious πŸ”₯

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I've been following Chelsea for years, and her tutorials have really helped me. Chelsea's feed is a mix of super-elaborate detailing and more simple designs. She finds inspiration all over the place and doesn't follow nail-blogger trends. She recently became Revlon's Global Nail Stylist, which made me keen to check out their polish range.

  • Who are your favorite nail artists on social media?
  • Where do you get your maincure inspiration?