Holographic Nail Polish: My Quest To Find One As Good As Chanel's

Because I'm not willing to spend $100 for a bottle of potentially expired, discontinued nail polish.
Publish date:
March 5, 2014
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There’s a small handful of products
I’ll forever regret not buying, and at the very top of that list sits Chanel's holographic nail polish. Sure, I was 17 and totally unaware of the
happenings of the beauty world at the time, but still, how did I miss out on
something so truly magical?

Seriously, though, have you seen
pictures of this stuff?
It’s so rainbow, so sparkly, so completely out of this world. Though I’ve been
able to find a bottle or two on eBay over the past few months, the price tag
seems to generally be upwards of $100, and $100 for a bottle of potentially
expired nail polish is so not something I can talk myself into.

And so, after
sulking for awhile and scouring the internet in search of some secret
Chanel holo stash, I’ve decided to give up and start looking for a good dupe.

Though beauty bloggers far and wide
agree no holo polish is quite as good as Chanel’s brilliant formula, there are
quite a few runners-up. Sadly, some of the best ones have also been
discontinued, like OPI's and China Glaze's, adding to the list of overpriced rare
holos for sale on eBay. There are still a few affordable options out there, however, and I’ve made it my mission to try them all!

GOSH in 549 Holographic Hero

After reading mixed reviews of GOSH 549 online,
I set out to find a bottle and found one quite easily at my local drugstore.
Apparently, after releasing a limited batch awhile back, GOSH has re-released
this colour, but there is no specification on the website about whether it’s
limited edition or here to stay this time.

Though I only paid about $8 for
this polish, I was really disappointed at first. The texture was patchy and
globby, and I had a hard time avoiding bald spots. This is a common issue with
holo polishes, however, and it can be remedied with an aqua base (like the one that came in the original Chanel duo) or a coat of non-toxic Mod
Podge glue applied carefully with a small brush.

After I had finished painting as
smoothly as possible and had let my nails dry, I waited eagerly for a flash of
rainbow similar to the Chanel photos I’d seen, but my nails just looked
grey. I think my biggest complaint about this polish would be the boring, cloudy colour it appears to be when out of direct sunlight. When exposed to
sun/camera flash however, it looks pretty holographic and awesome.

Lime Crime Oriphicus Glitter and an Essie Top Coat

After seeing Wendy’s awesome DIY glitter nail
, I figured I could easily do the
same with a little tub of Lime Crime Oriphicus
Glitter I had on hand (a product I originally bought for my eyes but was later told
by commenters it may not be eye-safe). It’s a pretty rainbow holographic in the
container and on skin, so I decided to try it out as a polish.

I poured about a
teaspoon into a half-used bottle of Essie top coat, then I shook it up and
painted my nails…

This DIY method definitely yielded
a cute holographic glitter, but it was also pretty
patchy (I didn’t want to use up all the glitter since one tiny container cost
$13), and didn’t really have that hologram look at all. It was definitely no
match for Chanel…

Super Black Holographic Polishes

I’ve been super excited to try
Super Black polishes ever since Trista interviewed their maker, Natalie Dee,
but my want quickly turned to a need when I saw Super Black had an incredible
looking holographic collection.

Getting my hands on some Super
Black polish was harder than it should’ve been because I live in Canada, and
sadly they only ship within the US for now. I was extremely determined
however, so Natalie sent my holos to an office in New York where my partner is
working for the next few months, and he retrieved it and brought it back for
me. It was quite the ordeal, and it was over a month before the polishes
arrived home to me, but it was so worth the trouble.

Super Black’s hologram polishes are
As long as you don’t apply a base coat first, they’re extremely smooth and give great coverage.

I tried out Guilty, a gold shade, and Wishful Thinking, a more
traditional silvery colour, and both were a total delight.

Guilty only needed two coats, and
looked beautiful in and out of sunlight. A great base colour with a fantastic
hologram shimmer, I would recommend this product to anyone who loves gold and
rainbows (meaning, like, everyone!)

Wishful Thinking is technically a
topcoat, so I needed three layers to get a fully solid colour, but it dried pretty
quickly and evenly so I didn’t have an issue with that. And when it dried…

I was actually speechless. This
nail polish is everything I could ever want in a holo polish, and I daresay
it’s almost as rainbow magical as the Chanel version! Out of sunlight it’s a
lovely, slightly glittery gray with a hint of holo, but once the light hits it
directly, it really comes alive. I’ve worn it for three days now with no chips
or weird bald patches in sight, and I’ve suddenly become one of those girls who
is always looking at her nails.

Of course I’m still interested in
trying other holos to compare, especially if I can ever get my rainbow hands on
some Chanel, but till then, Super Black definitely takes gold.

the best holographic polish you’ve found? Have you ever seen the mystical Chanel holo in
real life? Tell me everything!