Deborah Lippmann is My Nail Polish Soulmate and Here's Why

From treatments and opaque polishes to shimmery and glittery, Deborah Lippman's polishes treat me RIGHT.

Confession: My collection of Deborah Lippmann nail lacquers is entirely out of control. Need proof? Peek my 51 bottles, and try and tell me with a straight face. I’m not totally insane.

I’ve built this collection up over the course of a few years. Some of them were “treat yo'self” moments I had while perusing Sephora, a few I couldn’t resist the sale price on the brand’s website, and a lot I received as gifts.

“Why, Kate?” you might be tempted to ask. Sometimes, I pose the same question to myself. But at the end of the day, it’s just a question of quality: no other nail polish brand even touches the amazing effects I get using my sweet Debbie Lips (yes, that is what I call them).

First of all: the color selection. You’d think that every nail polish shade that could possibly exist is already out there, but Deborah’s range begs to differ.

The first time I saw Girls, I immediately wanted to be a Jessa, so naturally I was thrilled when Deborah Lippmann came out with a Girls collection. The Jessa shade makes me immediately feel like the most carefree, bohemian version of myself.

Then there’s Mermaid’s Dream. Every time I don this gorgeous, shimmering shade, I get at least a few compliments an hour--including from the guy I’m currently seeing, who really, truly, never notices anything I do beauty-wise.

Another of my absolute favorites, Whatever Lola Wants, is the nail polish equivalent of sheer lingerie--totally easy to slip on, but still so, undeniably sexy.

And, oh my god, the easy application is to die for. After applying just about any other polish brand, my fingers look like they’ve just emerged from a paintball match, but somehow my Deborahs always go on flawlessly. The brush seems to conform perfectly to my nails, coating them in smooth, even color.

The formula is also spot-on. I’ve never needed more than two coats to create a professional-looking manicure. The thing that amazes me most is the fact that even the chunky glitter polishes apply just as effortlessly as the opaque ones (which Deborah calls "crème"), and last just as long.

Speaking of longevity, I use Deborah’s All About That Base base coat along with a Seche Vite top coat, and unless I decide to have a chew fest on my digits, my Deborah manicures typically last almost a week, which is pretty unreal for me.

All right, I’ve confessed, so now it’s your turn:

  • What does your most insane beauty collection consist of?
  • Any favorite Deborah Lippmann lacquer shades?
  • Let’s talk base and top coats! Which give you the best wear?