These 3 Cuticle Oils Will End Your Hangnail Woes

Make dry, crummy cuticles a thing of the past.
Publish date:
May 17, 2015
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I used to be a cuticle cutter. I would sit for 20 minutes each week and religiously snip away at every bit of dead skin I could find around my nails. This habit cost me nice nails, triggering a whole cascade of nail problems that took years to undo.

Just like the scalp must be healthy to have good hair, cuticles must be healthy to have good nails. Treating your cuticles with love and care rather than jabbing and poking them and then (god forbid!) cutting them off is the ticket, I say.

It's a feeling of accomplishment to broadcast this advice from my newfound healthy nail cloud. I was once in the trenches with jacked-up nails (think bad cuticles, tons of hangnails, cracked and peeling nails, and even fungus—noooo!) but now I have seen the rays of sunshine part the storm.

The non-negotiable essential? Cuticle oil. It moisturizes one of the single most used parts of your bod, unless you’re that hand model lady who barely uses her hands.

CND Solar Oil

I have been using this stuff for literal decades. My mom used to have a vial next to the bedside, and the sweet almond oil scent will forever remind me of the black and white formica ‘90s-as-hell bed frame.

Solar Oil is a mid-priced option (but the travel bottles are hella cheap) for getting glowy cuticles as well as speeding up nail polish dry time. Sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and jojoba oil mingle for a rich blend that permeates cuticles and nails to help seal in moisture.

Beauty Secrets Nail Matrix Cuticle Oil

At four bucks, this oil is like CND’s more affordable cousin. Readily available at Sally’s, you can get an even bigger discount with membership if you are into that sort of thing. This oil is suprisingly even more "current" with its use of macadamia and argan oil and a base of sunflower and safflower oils.

I love the price and the formula, and you can use it liberally because it's such a steal. I predominantly use this one as a pedicure aid for that reason.

Dermelect Revital-Oil

Hold the phone—this oil has peptides and keratin in it?! No wonder I was seeing it pop up in Instagram feeds all throughout awards season and most recently at the Met Gala. Fab!

Dermelect really killed it with this nail and cuticle oil. It’s 14 bucks, which is pricey but not a deal-breaker by most means, and it smells like lemon gummy bears. Aside from making me want to eat my fingernails, I have to say I was quite impressed with this shake-to-mix formula. Giving cuticles and nails extra keratin is a no-brainer, since nails, like hair, are made out of keratin. Shea butter is the first ingredient, and sesame, jojoba and argan oils make a super-moisturizing base; coffee extract adds antioxidants.

For 14 dollaz you can holla at a skincare-quality product for your nails!

At this point in my life, cuticle oil is a no brainer. I buy a dedicated cuticle product for my at-home henna mani sessions. I like butter for night time when it can be rubbed in, but it can’t be used on a fresh paint job without smear concerns. Oil can be painted or dolloped right on top of a fresh manicure!

  • What do you use on your cuticles?
  • Would you use an anti-aging nail product?