I Believe In Astrology Right Down To My Fingertips

A manicure for those of us who believe that the day we were born says something about our personalities.
Publish date:
March 27, 2013
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I'm not really a skeptical or superstitious kind of person. I greet black cats with kindness and I've opened more than a few umbrellas indoors (which apparently is fine, as long as you don't raise them above your head, but I've also done that). I'm sure I've walked under ladders, and I when I hear "Friday the 13th" all I really think is, Friday? It's the freakin' weekend, baby, I'm about to have me some fun!

But if we want to talk "unknown" and "mysterious" things that I do believe in, then let's talk astrology. Also, ghosts and aliens. And perhaps past lives. Wait, are all of these things even related? Who knows ... maybe I am a bit of a space case but that's not the point. The point is, I'm here to write a tutorial on how to express your love of astrology (not to be confused with astronomy) through your fingernails.

My manicure is, of course, devoted to my sign, the sign of the Libra. I don't want to sound obnoxious or anything, but I kind of think Libras are the best. We're (supposedly) charming, stylish peacekeepers with an excellent taste in basically everything and a flair for romance. We're also super indecisive and prone to mood swings because, hello, not everyone can be perfect. And yeah, that whole "excellent taste in everything" part is just a nice way of saying we're incredibly shallow. Sorry for liking beautiful things/people--sue me.

As a Libra, I get along really well with Taurus women (but can't deal with Taurus men--ugh), and am supposed to be with other air signs, like Geminis and Aquarians, but never date them (my bad, universe).

Anyway, enough about me. Let's talk about the nails.

The first step to this manicure is to paint your nails with a base that is as black as the night sky. I used Rimmel London Lasting Finish Professional Nail Polish in Black Satin.

Next up is the fun part. Doodling! With a gold nail art pen like Topshop Nail Art Pen in Fools Gold, I got to sketching all sorts of fun zodiac-inspired designs. A moon, some stars, my sign's symbol.

Pens like this make it way easier to do nail art than if you were just using a bottle of polish and a fine-tipped paintbrush. All you do is shake, pump, and draw.

Finally, you can't do anything inspired by the stars without some damn glitter. I went with Wet N Wild Fergie Nail Color in Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night(now you totally have that song stuck in your head). It's a clear base with speckles of black and gold glitter. The gold specks looked like little stars while the black ones added a bit of subtle texture. Fun!

Then all you need to do is slap on a clear topcoat and you're good.

Now, if some tool tries to use the "baby, what's your sign?" line on you (surely that still happens), you can just give him the finger.

Seriously, though, baby, what's your sign?