My New Nail Art Secret Was Inspired By My Love Of Painting

I take pride in being able to brush out delicate little details with ease, but nail polish always seemed to drag, smudge or just look inconsistent.
Publish date:
February 11, 2014
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Every once in a while, I'll feel the need to create tiny masterpieces on my fingernails. Usually it happens on a Friday night when I've ordered delivery and have a steady stream of DVDs to watch; and usually it requires a lot of painstaking precision and patience, along with plenty of polish remover-dipped Q-tips for any mistakes.

I've spent a lot of time dipping fine-tipped paintbrushes into polish to hand-paint designs on my nails, but to my disappointment, it never turned out as precise or attractive as I'd hoped. The polish always seemed to drag or smudge, or the lines would have annoyingly varied degrees of thickness.

As someone who likes painting on canvas a lot and takes pride in being able to brush out delicate little details with ease, this nail-sized trouble proved especially frustrating.

Then one night I was painting my nails. I'd gotten a nice coat of hot pink lacquer down when I eyed my bottle of black acrylic paint out of the corner of my eye.

It occurred to me that the paint might have a smoother, more pigmented application than regular black nail polish.

I grabbed my tiniest-bristled paintbrush and, once my first coat of polish had dried, got to doodling strokes with the paint. Lo and behold, it applied exactly as I expected. My inner perfectionist beamed.

Obviously the method worked well for this easy, free-hand design, but how did it do for a more laborious pattern, like lace? Or a cute lil' eyeball?

I have to say, when it comes to detailed stuff like this, I'll be sticking to paint from now on.

As for staying power, you obviously need a top coat to seal in the paint. Allow your design to dry, then coat with your favourite clear polish. It'll keep it locked down and looking beautiful.

I'm now moved to the side of combination nail art: a lil' polish, a lil' paint and you've got yourself a masterpiece. I really like when things are easy like that.