Quick Question: Have You Ever Done An Accent Nail?

Or as Glennis so enthusiastically calls it, a FLARE NAIL! Or FLAIR NAIL! We can't decide which spelling!
Publish date:
May 30, 2013
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Think Annie and I laze about all day in bathtubs full of unopened makeup palettes? THINK AGAIN. Sometimes we actually do, like, corporate stuff.

For example, she and I recently went to an agency event to bring xoVain to life, so to speak. I'm sure they could've just made cardboard cutouts of us to bring along, but that wouldn't have done my curves justice, you know?

Anyway, we hosted a fun little manicure party in which the agency peeps came by to get accent nails--one nail on each hand that stands out from the rest.

Not sure what I mean? Well, we prepared for that. We brought Glennis along in video form to explain!

She's so freakin' cute, right? Did you guys know you can hire her to do your nails now? HELLO, Los Angelenos or whatever they call you--go get Glennisized!

Glennis was, of course, in LA during this NYC-based event, so we brought in the Spa Chicks On The Go team to do the accent nails--everything from polka dots to wraps to Ciate's new Chalkboard Manicure. (You're familiar with the term "nails on a chalk board?" Yeah, strike that; reverse it.)

But even though Spa Chicks were rad, you can totally do an accent/flair/flare/beepboop nail on your own. Maybe you already have! Today's Quick Question: Have you ever done an accent nail?