The $2 Nail Polish That Won't Chip For Weeks

AND it comes in lots of cute colors, along with a brush that makes it super-easy to use!

I don’t really buy nail polish. I’ve mentioned how I bite my fingernails really short, which keeps me from painting them. However, I do like to paint my toenails so my feet look cute in sandals. When I go look for polish for my feet, I tend to keep it cheap because I only use it one my toes and I’m not doing crazy nail art.

Most cheap polishes are frustrating because after a day of wearing flats or swimming, it’s already chipping and you have to paint all over again. But I think I found a magic nail potion, you guys.

A few weeks ago, I went to Rite Aid for some new summer colors for my toes. I saw that ALL Wet n’ Wild was 50% off (which is CRAZY since it’s already two dollars), so I bought a few of the Megalast Salon Color nail polishes and some lipsticks (which Kara raves about).

I got home and painted my toes like I do and went on with my life. I wore flats and heels to work, and I went to the gym all week. The next weekend, I didn’t need to do another at-home pedi because my nails still looked fresh.

This is the polish in Heatwave after about two weeks of wear. The color still looks really good--it’s my actual nails that need some grooming.

The next week, I did the same ol' routine, but I also went to the beach for a day. After hours of swimming and burying my feet in the sand, the nail polish was still perfect!

Basically it was perfect from the time I painted it to three weeks later when I got bored and wanted to change the color. It wasn’t even chipping; I was just ready for a change. And to show how great it is when it comes to staying power, it’s a real bitch to take off. I have to SCRUB it with nail polish remover.

This is the same brand and line of polish in Candy-licious. I really love this color. But it was the sheerest of the three I tried and needed the most coats.

It comes in a lot of really awesome colors. I got a pink, a coral, and a sherbert-y orange when I was seeking out some summer hues. But they also have a bunch of other colors, so you’re bound to find one you love. I was eyeing a bright purple that I’m probably going to go back and buy this week.

The brush that comes with the polish is amazing. It’s wide and flat and really good for painting toes, especially the big toe. I’m a nail novice, as I’ve said before, and since I rarely ever paint my nails. I’m not that great at it, but this polish makes it really easy to give yourself a quick, pretty manicure.

I use about three coats. One isn’t enough, but two is probably fine. I like three because I want my color to look REALLY intense. Sometimes this can be bad because I tend to glop it on and then it gets in the sides of my toes. You can kind of see it in the pics. But as long as my toes don’t look completely naked when I’m wearing sandals, I’m OK with it. Are people on the street really noticing the sides of my toes?

I also use the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Strengthening Top Coat. I know a lot of you may think it’s the top coat that gives the nails the staying power, but I’ve used it with other brands and they all still chip.

The best color I bought is the orange called Club Havana. It reminds me of fruity drinks and sherbet at the same time, which is what summer is all about, in my opinion. Lol jk I never eat sherbet, who am I kidding? I like my ice cream loaded with butter. But sherbet is really pretty.

This is Club Havana with a special appearance by my cat who would not move out of the window.

Isn’t that gorgeous? I like how it’s just a pure, bright orange. I love the Heatwave color above, but it’s more of a red-orange, which I’m just not in the mood for today. Maybe because it reminds me of how hot it is outside? Seriously New York, what is happening? It’s so bad that I actually get happy when my train suddenly stops for a while because that means I get to chill in the a/c.

Whatever. When it comes to drugstore polish, I don’t think I’m going to buy other brands ever again. Doing my nails is such a chore, and this makes it really easy and infrequent, even when I’m running around doing tons of nail-chipping activities. I feel like that makes me a bad beauty writer person, but I would much rather spend that extra time deep-conditioning my hair or practicing new eyeshadow looks.

Have you guys ever tried this polish? Are you still wearing it because it refuses to come off?