The New Nailing Hollywood Lacquer Collection Is Really Worth Getting Excited About

There are ONE HUNDRED colors to choose from. What's your favorite?
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January 13, 2016
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There’s definitely no shortage of new nail products. With all of these new companies, new collections, and new colors, we’re gonna be set for a looooong time. But you guys know as well as I do that more products just means more products you have to dig through to find the good ones and that’s why you have me.

If a brand is going to release a new collection of nail lacquer, it needs to bring something to the table. That’s why when Nailing Hollywood announced that they were launching their own line of polishes, I knew it was going to be good.

If you don't know, Nailing Hollywood is the management company that reps all of the biggest nail artists in Hollywood, founded by celebrity manicurist Jenna Hipp. Take a glance at the cover of the nearest fashion magazine. I'll bet you anything the nails on the cover were done by a Nailing Hollywood girl.

Jenna Hipp already has a track record of success. Everyone still goes wild over her customizable nudes collaboration with RGB Cosmetics, as well as her own growing collection. The debut collection consists of one hundred colors. Yes. One. Hundred. Colors. Plus, ten nail care tools and nail wraps! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few pieces of the collection as well as a little chat with girl crush/Creative Director Steph Stone about what goes into creating a new collection and what makes Nailing Hollywood a must-have.

(Steph, sorry to use a photo of you that's almost a year old, but I've had this screenshoted in my phone forever because I love that purple so much.)

But first, the reason we’re all here. The polish.

I’m happy to say that the polishes completely lived up to their potential when coming from the most talented women in the industry. The colors are creamy, opaque, quick drying, and durable. The bottles take a page from some of the must luxe nail brands with a removable metal top which reveals the top of the brush. I used their crème polish, glitter, and one which was kind of a mix of the two. The formula is great.

We have Steph Stone to thank for much of the collection's greatness. As the Creative Director, Steph had the biggest role in almost every aspect of creating the collection.

“While many of the Nailing Hollywood artists had influence over the outcome of this collection, my position as "Creative Director" allowed me to choose polish names, design nail wraps, approve colors and formulas, etc. My favorite part of being involved in this collection was being able to create every color/product we need for our on-set kit and our celebrity clients.”

Personally, what I love about the line is that it’s what they’re going to be using on all of our favorite celebrities, so the next time you’re obsessed with J. Law’s nail color on the cover of Elle, you’ll know right where to look when you want to match the color.

If you feel like the market is oversaturated with nail lacquer, you’re not alone. Nearly every beauty brand has made their own line of polish because there’s just so much money in nails right now. Do we really need another brand? Yes. Yes, we do.

What sets the Nailing Hollywood collection apart is that it’s a nail artist’s dream come true, because it was created by the top girls in the game. They took everything they loved about the products they were already using, and made them even better, and then made them available to us!

“We took advantage of this chance to create everything needed in our on-set kits. Previously, I would look to so many different brands and my kit would be a mixing pot of products in order to find the ones I loved. Even then, there'd be products where I'd say "oh I love this- but, there's one little flaw!" For Nailing Hollywood, I was able to adjust formulas and packaging to make sure everything was absolutely perfect and up to the very high standards we expect for our magazine and celebrity clientele.”

You know when you find the perfect nude, but the opacity is just not what you want? Or the red that’s almost perfect but needs to be mixed to make it a little darker? This is what the girls got to do to give us the perfect nail artist's nail collection, and I can’t imagine anything more exciting.

With one hundred colors (!!!) I’d imagine it was a challenge to get each and every one of them just right. I wanted to know how hands-on the girls were while formulating each shade, mostly because I’m nosy and just want some insight into what that process is like.

“This was a very hands on process! We broke 100 colors up into separate categories: "Classics", "brights", "glitters", "nudes" etc.... After deciding on our core groups, I visited the nail polish manufacturer to pick out selects for each group. We chose ten colors for each category, testing each and every one for application, shine, and wearability. We then adjusted these formulas accordingly in order to ensure on pointe pigments, consistency, and quality.”

I’m always thinking, if I had my own nail collection (WHICH I SHOULD) what colors would I absolutely have to include? Which of my favorite nail colors would I do, but do better? It makes my head spin. I wanted to know what it felt like to actually have the chance to do just that.

“Grouping all the colors in categories really helped to make sure we had every color we needed. Picking 100 shades to launch a collection could be overwhelming so it was important to keep organized and strategic. We wanted to make sure we had all the classic colors but also offer some new funky ones to have variety on set throughout the year. I'm extra proud of the mini set collections curated to make building your polish wardrobe simple. From "Set Essentials" which include an unstoppable red, nude and burgundy to "Press Junket", including lovely neutrals and pinks. The most versatile set, the "Modern French" includes a flesh-tone pinky-nude, patent black and opaque white for chic design options. Literally, these sets are must-haves for anyone and covers every occasion, plus they make the best gifts!”

One hundred damn colors is a lot, and I'm impressed to see that they nailed some of what are, for me, the hardest to find colors — really beautiful greens, taupes, purples, and those glitters. I don't even like glitters but damn.

I'm so ready to see this collection show up on the covers of our favorite fashion magazines and, more importantly, our own hands.

The Nailing Hollywood collection is available exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond and online at

What nail color are you always looking for? Do you have a color that is constantly evading you? Tell me in the comments! Mine is the perfect royal purple, but I may have that problem solved...

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