My Waxing Lady Took Off My Eyebrows

I mean, I’d rather have my eyebrows back, but I’ll definitely be sticking the Brow Tech To Go in my purse.
Publish date:
March 11, 2013
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A few years ago, I plucked off basically my entire eyebrows, and it has taken me so long to get normal human eyebrows back. So, you can imagine how upset I am that I am now sauntering around with one and a half eyebrows.

Normally, I go to Bliss to get my brows done, but a combination of laziness and looking at my bank account prompted me to go to the walk-in nail place on the first floor of my apartment. I’ve actually been there before for shaping and was mostly impressed with the results. This time, however, I left with half a right eyebrow.

After going back to my apartment and treating the situation far more dramatically than it merited, I started werkin’ on ways I can creatively hide my half brow.

I have a lot of eyebrow products hoarded from my Eyebrow Issues days, so I spent about an hour trying different ones (This process took longer than it should have due to the emotional breaking down I was having as a result of only having a half a right eyebrow.)

I eventually settled on Smashbox’s Brow Tech To Go. At $26, it’s pretty pricy, but I think it’s one of the better brow products on the market. It’s also sorta two products in one, which I think makes it worth the price.

On one side, you have an angled waterproof pencil. On the other side, you get a soft-hold gel to lock the look into place. Because the pencil is angled, you get a much more natural look than you do with a more standard brow pencil. A lot of the other products I tried out (gels, pencils, and a felt tip marker-type deal) looked too fake and obviously drawn on. The Brow Tech To Go goes on incredibly light, so even if you’re very heavy handed (like me), it won’t look like you Sharpeed on eyebrows. I used small strokes, and then blended it with my finger just a bit to achieve the most natural look.

I’m pretty happy with the results overall. I mean, I’d rather have my eyebrows back, but I’ll definitely be sticking the Brow Tech To Go in my purse until that happens (and likely after, since it’s a great product for defining brows).

Let me know what you guys think I should do. Am I just deluding myself by thinking I made the issue better?

All photos by Kait Robinson.