My Rediscovery Of Lush And Our Love Story

Stop! Don’t walk past that Lush store, for there’s an emporium of delights that awaits you.
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November 12, 2012
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Until recently, I’d not been into a Lush store since I was about 19 and I used to use their henna (which they no longer sell) to tint my Jewfro a really ugly shade of rust. I loved it so much at the time. It left my massive hair shiny, soft and it would waft this wonderful herbal Christmassy scented aroma. And for some reason I fail to recall, I never stepped foot in their Willy-Wonka-style soap emporium again. Until now.

I used to associate the scent of Lush with ageing hippies and what I reckon Woodstock might have smelt like (that and weed. Lots and lots of weed). You can always smell the overwhelming whiff of a Lush shop, at least three stores before you walk past it. And chances are you might just walk on by, afraid that should you enter this wonderland, you might pull out a soap to sniff, taking down an entire display with you. But don’t. Because very recently, I’ve rediscovered it, and it’s truly bloody amazing. Let me tell you how.

I was sent some FUN from Lush - it's like playdoh soap – and it not only smells amazing, it can be used for a multitude of things from washing your hair and body to clothes. It also doubles up as squidgy sweet smelling doh to play with in the bath too – it’s a kid thing, which I wholeheartedly recommend if you have offspring. It’s also perfect for backpackers on their travels and you don’t want to schlap shampoo, shower gel and you’ll need to wash out your clothes too.

But the discovery of FUN led me to going into a Lush store and rediscovering their bath bombs and bath melts which have left me feeling truly wonderful. I've spent about £80 in a month on this shit, but I'm addicted. Here’s what I love and why.

There’s a bucketload of bath bombs (to those new to Lush, a bath bomb is a powdery ball you plop into your bath which erupts and envelopes your nose in a super scent of sorts) so it can be tough negotiating which ones to try. I like these:

Fizzbanger bomb, £3.20Fizz by name, fizz by nature, this bath bomb will zing around your tub, crackling and spinning like a demonic rice krispie while releasing a comforting warm cinnamon apple aroma and turning your bath water a lurid shade of green.

Dragons egg bomb, £3.20 If you fancy some zing in your bath, this one’s a bit lemony, but it also has soft jasmine too which gives it a sweet kick. And it may look very inconspicuous at first sight, seemingly just a white ball, but as it burns off those layers spinning like Torvill or Dean on acid, it’ll reveal an orange heart and shimmery glitter particles. Glitter!

Sex bomb, £3.20As this pink ball of joy does its thing in your bath, it’s so full of essential oils, it’ll scent your whole house as well as your skin with ylang ylang and jasmine. My only negative about this bomb is that my bath is so old, the pinkness in this bomb stains it to buggery, which means I have to give it a right good going over with the Cillit Bang straight after I get out.

Dreamtime bath melt, £3.15One of my all time favorite Lush products this, it’s funny cause it doesn’t smell typically 'Lush'. It’s a perfect pre-bed melt you just plop into the bath (you can break it into smaller pieces rather than use the whole melt in one go if you fancy being economical) and it soothes and envelopes you in a haze of lavender, cocoa butter, sandalwood and jasmine flowers. Be warned it’ll leave your tub a bit greasy and gross afterwards though, which is a right pain in the tits, but you can’t have everything.

Buffy Body Butter Cube, £10.25I am a sufferer of ingrown hairs, even on my legs, the little bastards fold themselves over and cause me all manner of problems. But this super buttery block of grainy goodness sloughs away at my skin, smoothing it and leaving it velvety soft along the way. It also leaves it feeling moisturised and quenched thanks to the cocoa and shea butter. You’ll never use another body scrub again.

Sunnyside Bubble Bar, £3.65 Not one for those who suffer with sensitive skin or eczema, as this orange oil bubble bar is bursting with glitter, so it might make you itch. But if you want to feel like someone’s poured liquid gold all over you, sling this in the tub. It's also a bitch to clean out too, thanks to those super sparkles.

FUN, £5This is what’s responsible for my love lesson in Lush. It smells exactly as you’d imagine a fairy to – pretty, pink, and sugary. My kid and I simply can’t get enough of this – just break a bit off and squidge it, soap it, play with it.

Feeling Younger Skin Tint, £12A little pot of highlighter that’s sure to last forever, I’ve replaced my Bobbi Brown highlighter pen with this. I smooth it on the top of my cheekbones so I don’t look so matt – it makes me look fresher. You could also mix it with moisturiser or foundation to give you a bit of oomph and a lovely luminous glow.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, £15.50 If you love smelling of roses, this thick, rich, intense body cream is perfect for you. Although I find the fragrance a little too heavy and floral for me (the husband did not like this scent at all), I can’t deny quite how quenching it feels on skin. It also has argan oil in it which seems to be very of the moment, so slap it on silly and let it sink into your parched skin.

Well, that’s my rundown. Treat yourself to some bath time delight, and if you still don’t like Lush afterwards, fair enough - can't say I didn't try!

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