"Makeup Shouldn't Make You Sick": Six Organic Beauty Brands I Got My Mom for Mother's Day

An autoimmune disease keeps my mom from using her favorite makeup so I found six new organic favorites that she can actually wear.
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May 10, 2015
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My gorgeous mom has an autoimmune disorder that keeps her from enjoying the troves of makeup I bring home to write about for xoJane. As Mother's Day approached, I started researching brands like RMS, Ilia, and Physician's Formula, while casually grilling my mom for information about her two favorite organic and natural brands: Mineral Fusion and Dr. Hauschka.

The result was a Mother's Day gift basket full of all-natural and organic beauty products that will live in infamy. I chatted with my mom about her gifts, we did some swatches, and she suffered through an impromptu backyard photoshoot. Here we go!

RMS Beauty

My mom loves coconut oil. She cooks with it and uses it on her hair and skin. So when I discovered that RMS beauty's sheer lip2cheek multiples are certified organic AND have coconut oil as the main ingredient, I knew they were going into my mom's Mother's Day basket.

"I'm concerned it will be smeary," was the first thing my mom said when she opened the little glass pots. She tested out curious, the peachiest of the three, first.

"Oh! It doesn't feel like it's going to melt," was the second thing she said as she applied it to her cheeks. She tried modest (rosy pink) next on her lips.

"It's not slippery at all. I love these." She smacked her lips. The pink looked sheer and gorgeous (my mom is probably the most beautiful woman in the entire world).

"You should try this," she said to my sister, Tiny (who is twelve and was hovering curiously over the basket). Tiny declined, declaring lipgloss to be sticky. My mother's response?

"Only cheap lipgloss is sticky. This is not cheap lipgloss."

You can read about RMS Beauty's organic and natural ingredients and sustainable packaging here.

Ilia Beauty

As she opened the next batch of goodies, I told my mom that ILIA beauty products are made with up to 85% bioactive organic ingredients, but she did not hear me because she was squeeing over the illuminator.

My mom loves illuminator. She immediately dabbed it on her cheek and brow bones, without using a mirror because she is flawless like that, and asked if she looked like a pixie queen.

(She did.)

"These aren't chalky," she said of the Multi Sticks. "When organic makeup first hit the scene, it was awful. It was like putting a layer of clay on your face."

I imagine my mother with clay on her face and make a mental note to suggest glam glow masks later tonight.

ILIA products are Cruelty free, USDA Organic, Gluten and Dairy Free. You can read about their certifications here.

Dr. Hauschka

My mom has been a long time fan of Dr. Hauschka products (she buys them at Whole Foods), but has been asking me if I know of any organic make up removers. I cover my face with chemicals pretty regularly, so I did not know (until I did some research) that Dr. Hauschka does, in fact, make a cleanser that doubles as a make up remover. My mom used it between swatches at the dining room table.

"I can do a smokey eye with this!" My mom declared when she opened the shadow palette. She was pleased to discover that none of the four shades had any glitter in them.

"I love matte colors," she said. "Smokey eyes with shimmer in them are too much for me. These are moist, too. They're not going to flake off onto my glasses."

I love shimmer on my face, but flake free eye shadow is something my mom and I can both agree on.

Dr. Hauschka products are certified by BDIH and NATRUE. You can learn more about their ingredients here.

Physician's Formula Organic Wear

Physician's Formula is my favorite drugstore brand and I didn't know they had a line of natural and organic makeup so these three really excited me. They excited my mom too because she has yet to find an organic or natural mascara that doesn't clump or break her lashes.

"Smell," she instructed me before she applied the CC Curl + Care mascara.

"It smells like dirt," I said.

"I know! That means it's good! Really natural products don't smell like chemicals."

Equally good were the tinted moisturizer and the BB cream. "These are great for the summer," my mom announced after applying each to her face (one on either cheek).

"It doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything. I love Dr. Hauschka," she concluded, "but I really prefer his foundation when I want a full coverage look."*

Physicians Formula Organic Wear is 100% Free of Harsh Chemicals. 100% Free of Synthetic Preservatives. 100% Free of Parabens. 100% Free of GMO's. 100% Free of Synthetic Colors. 100% Free of Synthetic Fragrances. 100% Cruelty Free. Find out more here.

*I love that my mom both loves a full coverage look and knows what a full coverage look is.

Mineral Fusion

My mom is a big fan of Mineral Fusion. Case in point: "This is the only natural nail polish brand that actually lasts and you got me red!"

She started doing swatches of the Eye Shadow Trios before I even asked her.

"These shadows have a lot of moisture in them, too." She said. "I'm going to start ordering them online because when I get them at Whole Foods, they feel very dry. This is much better."

"More eyes and face and lip things!" She said when she opened the 3-in-One color stick. "I really love these. I'm going to stop buying lipstick. These little sticks are shimmery and sheer and I love this color."

Mineral Fusion is official partners with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Their products use effective natural ingredients, are free of gluten, parabens, talc, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, SLS, and phthalates, and are not tested on animals.

Ildi Pekar

This eye cream was my mom's absolute favorite (she told me to make sure I wrote that down) and I am in trouble because it is by far the most expensive item in her gift basket and I will now be responsible for gifting her a new one a few times a year.

"This does what all eye creams are actually supposed to do, I can tell. I don't even have to look in the mirror," my mom said as she dabbed it onto her face (prompting me to ask what eye creams are actually supposed to do).

"They're supposed to fill in your wrinkles and give your thin eye skin a moisture boost. You're twenty-four, you don't need to know about wrinkles," she said. "It smells like honey. Smell it. This is the best."

Words Of Wisdom From My Mom

"I used to wear Elizabeth Arden and MAC all the time, but then, with the autoimmune disease, my makeup started making my skin break out. My eyes would water and swell shut. It was awful.

Make up shouldn't make you sick, it should make you feel beautiful, so I'm really glad that you're writing about this. It's important for people to know that there's makeup that will make them feel beautiful without feeling sick. You shouldn't have to choose."

Do you have a favorite brand of natural or organic make up? Tell me all about it the comments.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone! May you and your moms feel beautiful, always.