My Life Right Now: Hibernation, Medication And Beautification

I want to crawl into a hole for the winter and emerge looking pretty just in time for spring.

So, life right now is kind of eh. As I've mentioned before, my mental health isn't the greatest. Throw in the fact that apparently I have an iron deficiency, along with the delightful decay of the world outside thanks to winter's oncoming awfulness, and you have a whole lotta horseshit.

Now, hey, I like winter. Sort of. I like Christmas. I even like Christmas music, which is kind of weird coming from someone who has as many deep-seated rage issues as I do, but it's true. I don't, however, enjoy the darkness that fills the sky at earlier and earlier hours each evening, or the visions of February slush that plague me when I wake up in the morning. I don't particularly like how lonely I am or the constant migraines I've been getting. I'm also really not into the disgusting messes my roommate leaves in the kitchen, piles of dirty dishes and leftover food that nauseate me when I glance at them, killing my appetite.

But, I digress. I am, after all, a beauty writer. That's what I was hired for, and I'm incredibly passionate about it. I know some people might think beauty products are trivial things to get excited about, but I love them. Because when I'm having these days where I feel like absolute garbage, I know I can light a Tocca candle, slap on a face mask, and forget my troubez for just a lil' while.

It's Friday night as I write this. I've left the city for the weekend to stay with my parents and study for my Literature midterm, and I devoted a few hours tonight to beautification. Wonderful, mind-numbing beautification.

Without further babbling, here are the products I used tonight tucked away in the suburbs when I could have been out partying like a "normal" young woman. I'd rather stay in though, dude.

Masks Galore!

Skincare is something I'm super-obsessive about. I wanted to tell you guys, I finally ordered a Clarisonic tonight! (Since they didn't want to send me one fo' free. Even beauty writers gotta pay for some things. Womp womp.)

Anyway, anyway. What I want to talk about right now is facemasks. I love them, all the various wonderful options you have with facemasks! There's something for your skin's every need, and sometimes my skin is just like, "Hey girl," [in Ryan Gosling's voice] "I'm really stressed out and red and sad right now, you should apply some of Mario Badescu's Calma Mask ($22, to me." And then I'm like, "Hey Ryan-er-I mean, hey, skin, I agree. Let's do this."

That happened earlier this week, and my skin was so grateful after.

Then tonight, my skin was really tired and kind of down and moody, just like me, so I applied REN's Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask ($55,, and now it's all glowy and beautiful like I've just been for a run or made out with an angel.

Hair Problems

So I've been angry at my hair lately. It's been falling out since February, and I went to the doctor and they said I have an iron deficiency. Probably because I'm a vegetarian and eat garbage because I'm in college. So I've started taking Hubner's liquid iron, along with B vitamins, and I'm trying to eat more iron rich foods. In addition to that, I'm also taking evening primrose oil, which I heard can help with hair regrowth. It's also great for balancing hormones, which I need since I get major hormonal acne around my jawline when I'm PMS-ing.

About my hair though: I've been trying to avoid overwashing and overstyling, and I've been giving myself delightful scalp massages using Lush's new Roots Hair Treatment ($19.95, This product was created to be massaged into your scalp and left on for awhile as it works its magic. It has peppermint and spearmint oils in it to wake up your follicles and encourage new hair growth and also lots of other good stuff to make sure that your scalp is healthy to begin with. While my hair has been falling out, it's falling out less, and it's also growing back at rapid, warp-speed. I'm constantly trimming my bangs, so I have hope that I won't be bald within a few months. (Please, please don't let me go bald in the next few months!)

After the treatment, I've been lathering in another new Lush product, their Blousey shampoo ($25.95,, which is the most incredible-smelling shampoo I've ever taken a whiff of in my life. It has rose, thyme, juniper berry and rosemary oil in it to make it smell like a gloriously fresh garden, along with bananas and healthy natural butters to gently wash damaged and overprocessed hair without stripping it. I know I already mentioned it, but UGH IT SMELLS SO GOOD! And it leaves my hair so soft and clean and lovely that I barely need any conditioner afterward.

However, if I am crying out for the silkening benefits of conditioner, I have been really impressed with a sample I received from Evolvh of their UltraShine Moisture Conditioner ($25, It's paraben-free, organic and vegan for those of you who care about that stuff, and -- like the above products -- it smells fantastic. It also leaves my hair super soft and chills out the frizz that I have going on at my gross split ends.


I'm not in the greatest mood lately, but if I for some reason do crack a smile, I want my teeth to look good. I decided to take the dive into at-home whitening and purchased a box of Crest 3D White WhiteStrips Stain Shield ($39.99, I was drawn to these ones because they not only remove surface stains, they also help protect against future ones. Oh, and you only have to wear them for 5 minutes at a time. I like that, since whitening strips are a pain to keep on.

Oh, and how cute are these Joe Fresh nail stickers, by the way? ($6, Joe Fresh stores).

There you have it, my beautification routine for my wild Friday night in. Now I want you all to tell me what beauty products you're going to rely on to boost your spirits as the days get shorter and more horrible. Yuck.

Twitter, yes: @hannahejo.