My Latest Beauty Obsession: Birchbox

Get awesome beauty samples delivered directly to your front door for $10/month because who doesn't love presents?!!!

Despite the fact that I used to be a Beauty Editor, in recent years I’ve kind of fallen away from being the product junkie I once was. I still love makeup, but I feel like I know what I like and I like what I like and it's expensive to experiment and I should just stick with my tried and true favorites.

I mean, I've even stopped accepting free samples from websites that offer them because I just assume it'll be more clutter that I don't need. (Except perfume samples; my best friend loves those and what kind of person would I be if I denied her that?)

Recently, however, I was introduced to Birchbox and, fine, it's only been a day, but so far it's kind of changed my life. Or at least my medicine cabinet. Most of you are way hipper than I am about this kind of stuff, but just in case you're like me and still think a trucker hat is the cutest way to “do” your hair, let me fill you in:

Birchbox is a great way to discover and learn about beauty and lifestyle products; for just $10 a month their beauty experts curate a series of product samples from high-end and up-and-coming brands. If you find a product you love, it's super easy to buy the full-sized product in their online shop and you get free shipping on any item featured in the box or on any order over $50. (And the monthly box ships free.)

Obviously, when xoJane asked me to write about Birchbox, I had to put it to the test. “Send me one and if I love it, I’ll write about it,” I said. My box arrived an hour ago and, well, I’m sold.

The experts at Birchbox must not only be good at picking out awesome products, but are likely also psychic because I literally just used up the last of my De-puffing Eye Roller on Friday and with insomnia like mine, a product to wake up tired eyes and reduce puffiness is a must.

In short: I squealed like a first-prize pig when I saw the Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On; in fact, I only stopped to snap a quick “before” pic (dignity, I haven none) before gently massaging it on the enormous bags weighing down the entire top half of my head.

Also, since I’m the laziest person in all of America, I was elated to find an oversized sample of Mirenesse’s Glossy Kiss Lipstick that doubles as a cheek stain. As life has proved time and time again, you just can't go wrong with a red lip. And even though I'm sometimes scared to wear one, this long-wearing color glides right on and isn't high maintenance like some reds can be. Plus, any time I find a product that livens up my lips and cheeks? It instantly makes the "going-out" handbag.

I haven’t tried the LAFACE Laboratories Purifying Facial Wash or the Nexxus shine-boosting serum yet, but clearly I can’t wait for tonight’s shower, especially because my skin and hair are both acting like stubborn teenagers going through a very unpleasant "difficult phase." As far as the Joie eau de parfum? Well, it smells devine, but I’m a signature scent kind of girl so that one is going to the BFF. Everyone wins!

Birchbox isn’t just about samples though. Their magazine has fun and informative articles and videos for inspiration and advice. And since you’re definitely going to end up buying the full-sized versions of your favorite samples, you’ll be stoked to hear they have a sweet loyalty program that rewards you every time you shop.

Yes, I got my first Birchbox for free as a perk for writing about the product. But one freebie was enough to convince me I had to join. And as you can tell from my “before” pic, it couldn’t have happened soon enough.

Do you love awesome samples that are high-end and on-trend? Join Birchbox now.

This post was brought to you in partnership with Birchbox. Join now!