My Goal For 2013? Look Like A Flippin' Goddess

It's a new year and my beauty goal is to be the baddest bitch around.

[Before I start this article, I just want to mention that this week marks my two-year anniversary of being hired for xoJane. Time seriously does fly when you're having fun, and my experience working for this crew has been an incredible one so far. I also want to say THANK YOU to all of the incredibly awesome people who have communicated with me via e-mail or through comments on my articles, whether they've been about beauty, decor, pop culture, or you know, my crazies, you've all been friendly, supportive, and just generally awesome. So thank you, Jane Pratt, for hiring me; thank you, xoJane staff, for becoming my extended family; and thank you, xoJane readers, for being you!]

Now, here we are with my first article of 2013. I know, I'm a few weeks behind but bear with me here. I still have bruises from New Year's Eve.

2013 chewed me up as soon as it began and then spit me out, covered in a slimy film of newness and motivation. In between starting my last semester ever (which is leading up to me graduating college in April!), trying to put away all of my crap despite the fact that I moved into my new apartment a month and a half ago, and giving myself tattoos (more on that at another time), I haven't had a ton of time to write.

But I will remedy that, I assure you. I bought myself a really cute agenda so I could stay on top of things. And my impending graduation means starving post-grad life, which means I'm going to need to write to survive. So. So. I'm not really getting to the point here.

The point is it's a new year. Lucky '13. We've all made little goals for ourselves, I'm sure, and one of mine is to be a goddess. I suppose that's a sort of vague description, and truthfully my definition of the term is a bit of a jumble, too. In my book it basically means that if I don't regularly resemble some sort of modern-day vision out of a John William Waterhouse painting, then I'm not doing it right.

This means healthy, flowing hair with volume and wave, glowing and sculpted skin that looks like it was carved from stone, Theda Bara-esque dark lips that could eat a man alive and piercing eyes that could reduce a mere mortal to tears.

Yes, these tend to be characteristics associated with otherworldly nymphs, ocean-dwelling sirens and glamorously tragic martyrs. I feel, though, as a regular human woman, that I can deceive everyone with the help of beauty products.

If we're going to start with the hair, look no further than the tutorial from my Marc Bolan article. Seeing as Marc was sort of a glam-rock Greek-god type, it makes sense (to me) that I would borrow from him my psychic-flapper-witch-oracle look.

If you're looking for a crown of your own, search no further than Etsy. Or you could do like me and make one. It was seriously so easy but anyway, this isn't an arts and crafts article so let's move on.

* * *

My lips required a bit of layering to achieve the desired effect. I started out with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' Lip Tar in Black Dahlia ($16,, which looks overwhelmingly inky dark in the tube but applies with a sheer, been-drinking-wine finish.

Then for a bit more dark depth I layered a bit of NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu ($24, Blotted and reapplied a few times and boom, a mouth that didn't move all night that also said, " Don't mess with me, I will ruin you."

* * *

For my eyes I went all out. I wanted them to look supremely green, so I followed the rules of the color wheel and used plenty (seriously, so much) of shadow with reddish undertones. Urban Decay's Eye Shadow in Roach ($18, is a wonderfully pigmented burgundy.

So now my only challenge is maintaining even the smallest bit of this goddess-ness throughout the rest of the year. I figure as long as I leave the house every day having put some sort of effort into my appearance, I'm on my way!

* * *

Now, do share: what kind of woman (or man) would you like to be in 2013? Pop culture references are more than welcome.

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