My Favourite Products For Fashion Week Faces

Here are my favourite products for how I managed it this month, for the month where I have to look glam even though I felt like falling to pieces and my makeup had to stay on my face for up to 18 hours a day.
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February 27, 2013
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I never go out these days. It’s winter and it’s fucking cold and that means that I am reluctant to leave the house, let alone get dressed, let alone made up. But it was Fashion Week and I am obliged to attend a certain amount of things and look like a vaguely presentable editor of a magazine. So I did my best.

Here are my favourite products for how I managed it this month, for the month where I have to look glam even though I felt like falling to pieces and my makeup had to stay on my face for up to 18 hours a day.

Firstly, my skin has fallen apart in the cold and so I have had to moisturize pretty much constantly to stop my face flaking off (not chic).

I am not particularly loyal to moisturisers, I like to change it up a bit, and at the moment I’m really into Fresh’s Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream ($42), which is light enough to use twice a day but heavy enough to work.

Fresh also have this rose lipbalm ($12.50), which I really love. It's faintly pink-y tinted and stops my lips from dropping off my face. Also, it has SPF which is important even when it doesn't seem it.

On the topic of lips, I was disappointed by how much poorly applied lipstick there was at Somerset House. I know that winter makes your lips kind of gross, but my absolute lip essential to help counteract this is a lipbrush.

My favourite is MAC’s because it comes in a chic silver tube, and it not only makes your lipstick a denser shade but it gives you increased precision and allows you to layer colour for longer staying power. Only £16 and you can keep it forever. Top tip.

This Fashion Week, I was particularly partial to their Pro Longwear (£16.50) collection to avoid mid-show reapplication – Extended Play is a great, deep yet bright red that I recommend. I am seriously partial to a bit of lipstick so to avoid looking too done-up for the daytime, I pared back everything else.

That meant BB Cream for my foundation (my current beau is Bobbi Brown, £28, which gives incredible coverage for a BB cream, but is still really light and Danni loves it, too). Underneath the BB Cream I kept slathering on Darphin’s VitalSkin which is an ‘anti-fatigue dynamizing serum’.

I have no idea what that means, but I loved the idea that it is both ‘dynamizing’ and ‘anti-fatigue’ so I was fairly liberal with it and it gave me a fresh glow, even when I had about an hour’s sleep and had to run around in the cold. It feels almost thinner than water, if that makes sense, and so it sinks in instantly and tightens and brightens your whole face.

Also, because it was cold (did I mention that already?), the rest of my skin went kind of gross. I have officially found the best body oil I have ever experienced – Black Chicken’s Love Your Body Oil.

I don't know how to describe the scent but I think it is what my old yoga teacher used to use because it smells of serenity and calm and it absorbs into your skin so quickly and makes you so smooth and it is silky and just delicious.

They also do a balm. I have both. I really, really love it. And it comes in chic metal packaging and it's all natural and it's worth shipping from Australia.

Around my eyes, when I was heavy on the lips, like I said, I kept it minimal. I defined my brows with Bobbi Brown’s Brow Pencil in Brunette (£15) which has really good staying power, powder-filled the rest (with more Bobbi Brown) and then used Eyeko’s Brow Gel (£18) to top up. This is a lightly coloured gel which helps set my brows in place – I like them to look a little untamed but still groomed, which is the sort of flexibility you get when using a gel over the top. Eyebrow care – not as simple as you might think.

Finally, I am still obsessed with my favourite daytime mascara, which is MAC’s Extended Play Lash. It gives delicate rather than dramatic definition, which is exactly what I want for a daytime eyelash, and it stays. Even through the long, cold, fashion days. Seriously, who wants to watch a fashion show at 9pm when you watched one at 9am? Nobody. Stop making the schedules so silly, whoever plans this shit.

When it got to the end of the day and I was just about ready to kill myself, I have been using Orico’s Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover (£14, for face and eyes) because it is hydrating and smells amazing. It has coconut oil in it, product of the gods, and Aloe Vera to soothe tired and irritated skin.

Finally, to further soothe my tired and irritated skin, I was using Thalgo’s Immediate Bio-Soothing mask. This has made it to my top 5 face masks recently (a harder feat than it sounds) because it is so gentle and delicate and you can leave it on for ages and it just soothes your skin.

Mine has been getting really stroppy with having makeup on for so many long days, and this has really and truly helped alleviate the stress, with added disinfecting witch hazel.

And so there you have it – my favourite products from the past month, including Fashion Week, even though it was really cold and made me a bit miserable. What do you use when you have to do a long, long day looking vaguely presentable? Do you want to suggest anything? What else do you want to know beauty wise? Lemme know. I’m also on Twitter @oliviasinger.