My Favorite Piercing-Care Products: PLUS! Help Me Choose My Next Tat

I’m fully disclosing my wimp status when it comes to piercings. But also my favorite piercing products! Relevant!
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March 11, 2013
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So, it took me a while to adopt the tried and true hipster hoop nose ring because, SPOILER, I’m kind of queasy with piercings.

It’s a really strange, incongruous fear I have, because I don’t have the fairly common aversion to needles per se (I can give blood with zero problems, for example). It’s more that I dislike looking at holes, or any vulnerable areas, of my body. And, yes, that refers to any and all bodily orifices, whether they be large or small. They freak me out!

I swear it stems from my -- VERY REAL -- Trypophobia (the fear of clustered, small holes or openings; I warn you, the Google images are SO VILE) and I’m wondering if that may have to do with it? Like, I get noticeably anxious and nauseous when I see piercing holes. It’s very strange. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE IT COMES FROM.

Whatevs, I still garnered the courage to try out cute hoops from Claire’s. Because, beauty. And also I am essentially a quirky preteen with a penchant for colorful hair extension clip-ins and statement jewelry. ONWARD!

ANYWAY, after I switched out my stud for this hoop, things started going somewhat awry. I had to break through some skin and I started getting that itchy, sore feeling that goes along with an icky infection. I haven’t had to deal with any piercing-related problems for YEARS, but, boy, was I glad that I still had good piercing-care products to help me out.

My top choice for a piercing-care product has to be H2Ocean spray.

It’s basically fancy salt water that promises to clear up any nasty infection. When I first got my piercing, it got so nastily infected and oozy, but this stuff helped solve the problem within a day.

I’ve also been known to use contact lens solution when I run out, because I’m too lazy to run out and get the H20. As far as I can tell, it accomplishes the same thing; in fact, it’s probably gentler on your skin, while still cleansing!

Which brings me to some tips for newly pierced gals and guys out there: Do not use harsh soaps or anti-bacterial things on piercings. Anti-bacterial creams like Neosporin actually collect bacteria after a few hours, and harsh soaps irritate fresh piercings like no other. I made the mistake of cleaning my ring with face-wash and my entire nose turned beet red and swollen. Gross!

So just stick to gentle, saline-based solutions, m’kay?!

And now I’m going to unceremoniously jump to tattoo mistakes and good after-care routines because I suck at transitions.

Ah, my lil’ tattoo. It has such an indie, stick-n-poke aesthetic even though, WAIT FOR IT -- I got it professionally done.

It’s super scratched up and lumpy, and it’s all because I messed up the after care process. I dumped globs of Neosporin and lotions on it. Technically, there is nothing wrong with using Neosporin, or any cream that disinfects, but the key is applying thin layers, enough to keep your skin moist, and cleaning the area constantly.

So going to the beach and generally IDGAF-ing probably wasn’t the best choice on my part.

All this talk of body modification really makes me want to get another tattoo. Once I can afford one, plus a hefty tip, of course. And I can stop with this temporary tattoo nonsense.

Along with clip-in extensions, I’m really digging finger tattoos lately. Don’t worry; it’s not going to be a HILARIOUS mustache tattoo or anything. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a little Calla Lilly on my ring finger. Will it look too much like a vagina? Would it really matter if it DID end up looking like a little vagina? Thoughts, please.

Also, can we please talk about Trypophobia, too? ARE ANY OF YOU LIKE ME?

Or do you have better body-mod products than I do? Hello, any tattoo artist xoJaners out there?

It is known throughout all the lands that you, the lovely xoJane commenters, have the best advice, so have at it, my queens.