My Dermatologist Wouldn't Let Me Get Botox

She laughed at me and said I would be wasting $400.
Publish date:
April 24, 2014
Botox, cosmetic surgery, microdermabrasion, aging skin

I’ve been in NYC the past week and I got to attend my first editors meeting at the XO headquarters. It was awesome putting faces to the writers I haven’t met, and getting to see Mandy be her ridiculous self in person. I blurted out that I was going to get Botox since it was just my 30th birthday and I thought it would be fun to document. Half of the room applauded and the other half said, “Ugh why???” It was like my article commenters yelling at me to my face!I committed to my Botox plan, and made an appointment for Monday with my dermatologist here in NYC who I've been seeing for a few years. The last time I was there, I had this procedure called Isolaz. It's basically a laser vacuum that sucks up dirt and emits a bacteria-killing light in your pores at the same time to reduce acne and redness. My pores were super clean for about 3 months after, I recommend it for persistent acne sufferers like myself.Anyway. I don’t want to have a face that looks plastic and fake, but I also don’t want to have wrinkles that could potentially be avoided. Now that cosmetic procedures are becoming more the norm, it seems like not a huge deal to get things injected here and there. I know a 23-year-old who has been getting Botox regularly for a few years. Her dad is a cosmetic surgeon, so it kind of makes sense. Is she going to have zero wrinkles when she’s 30? Probably, but will it look natural? No clue.

I feel like there are more women getting cosmetic procedures than you’d think, but just keeping them a secret. I mean, if I had a nose job I wouldn’t go around bragging about it. I mean, umm, if my "deviated septum" needed to be fixed. Yeah, that's it.So, on Monday I went to my dermatologist’s office. I looked at my face in my iPhone camera until my name was called. I walked back to her office, and she said, “We’re just going to do a facial and maybe get you back on Spironolactone for your acne, right?” I said, “Umm, what do you think about Botox in my forehead?”She said, “For you? How old are you? 25?”“I just turned 30, I’m old.”She laughed and said, “Honestly, Melissa, I could give it to you, but it wouldn’t do anything and you’d basically be wasting $400.”Dammit! I was a little disappointed.She went on, “I’m sure you constantly hear about early maintenance, but unless you have obvious wrinkles forming, it wouldn’t do you much good. With your skin, we should focus on getting rid of acne scars and doing microdermabrasion every few months. Getting rid of bumps and discoloration will benefit you way more than Botox.”What a bummer! I ended up just getting microdermabrasion (a super-intense exfoliation), but I also saved a few hundred dollars and didn’t have needles in my face. I can also still move my forehead, so that's a plus?

Random question: Does anyone have a weird nauseated reaction to seeing needles? I've been completely fine getting shots and blood drawn up until about a year ago. Now I can barely look at them without feeling lightheaded. Getting older is awesome!

So what's the deal with all this preventative talk? Is it BS? Is it a marketing conspiracy by the companies who manufacture Botox to recruit younger patients? It does seem that within the past few years, cosmetic procedures have totally blown up. Moisturizing and drinking plenty of water is just as important for your skin to keep it looking great. Also, having a few extra pounds actually makes your face look less thin and bony. I know when I gained 10 pounds my face looked healthier and fuller. Gaining weight giving you a cuter face is one of the few times Mother Nature is kind to women.

Oh, and to those of you with oily skin: It may suck now, but in the long run it's quite good for your face. My dermatologist told me despite having to deal with acne from oily skin, it's a great aging deterrent.

Have you ever been denied Botox? What are your thoughts on "preventative" cosmetic procedures for women in their twenties?