"SLEEP AROUND, LOOK GREAT" GUIDE: How to crash anywhere and look deceptively radiant in the morning

If you're even remotely promiscuous -- and I hope you are -- there are a few things you MUST keep in your makeup bag. TRUST ME.
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October 4, 2011
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I won't mince words: lately I’ve been sleeping around a lot. And by sleeping around I mean staying with friends rather than going home to my studio apartment at night. I've always glorified living alone, but the truth is, I'm used to someone being there -- friends, the guy in my life, whatever -- and when they're not, I kind of can't take it. And lately no one's been over!

Anyway, I love the freedom of passing out where I please, but mornings can be sort of tricky beauty-wise. It takes a lot of products to make me look presentable, and I don’t like cheating on my regimen! No, I won’t just use any old face wash, or as one friend recommended, “finger” my teeth. I need my essentials. So I’ve edited them down to five non-negotiable products that live in my bag at all times and keep me from looking all walk-of-shamey after sleeping away from home.

1) Neutrogena Make Up Removing Wipes, 100 Cleansing Towelettes:

Even at home I prefer the streamlined makeup removal of a one-step wipe. These guys are individually wrapped in sleek little sachets so you can keep a few in your bag without adding extra weight. I swipe one over my face at night and again in the morning to prevent sleepover-induced breakouts -- trust me, it works. I'm obsessed with these.

2) Boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27:

For me, sallow skin is pretty much unavoidable after a night spent anywhere but my own bed. I've found that applying foundation on top of that mess, however, can really accentuate the problem -- without all my morning skincare products, the makeup looks spackled on. So for mornings away from home, I’m all about Boscia’s B.B. Cream (if you don't know what a BB cream is, read Cat's article from a few months ago). It gives me serious coverage without the shine, and SPF 27 -- while not my preferred 50 or over -- offers just enough sun protection.

3) Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit:

I've spent my entire young career in the beauty closets of every fashion magazine you can think of, practically, and trust me, I took every chance to try out concealers that I could get. But what the beauty editors I've worked for have always said about this one by Bobbi Brown is true: It's amazing. Of all I've tried, it's the only formula that combines heavy-duty coverage with easy-to-apply blendability. Best of all, the right shade works on other imperfections too, like redness around the nose. And I like dusting on that little powder! Mornings away from home, I press it on with my fingertips.

4) Anastasia Brow Wiz:

I'm convinced perfect eyebrows create an optical illusion of excessive attractiveness. And since I'm always striving for Kardashian quality brows, I never skip this step in the morning -- it's much more important than, say, eyeliner, even though everyone is much less scared of eyeliner. You shouldn't be afraid of brow pencils -- they are not hard to master and create really natural definition with, if you use the right one. And this is DEFINITELY the right one: it's so easy and blendable but not smudgy or severe. AND the ultra-thin pencil earns bonus points for doubling as a soft eyeliner, so you can have both. I know you want your eyeliner.

5) Colgate Wisps:

When it comes to getting teeth seriously clean, sugarfree gum has nothing on these mini toothbrushes. Each double-duty brush features minty mini bristles on one end to get off all the gunk, and a the pointed tip on the other end that’s perfect for targeting trapped food. Do I sound like a commercial? Well, whatever. This is an awesome product and I am super-grateful that it was invented, because carrying my toothbrush around all the time was getting totally gross. But I want to hear what YOU like. Tell me: What products make YOU feel all fresh and pretty after a night of sleeping around? Or am I the only one who just can't bear to go home sometimes?