This Brow Pencil From Korea Changed My Life

I finally found my eyebrow happy place! Turns out, it's in South Korea.
Publish date:
December 8, 2015
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While visiting Seoul, I came across a vibrant postcard sitting on the kitchen table at my friend’s apartment. On it, a baby-faced model, emblazoned with neon shades of makeup, gave a playful wink.

Though I’ve never been one for in-your-face technicolor beauty products, I enjoy cosmetics in general, and the postcard beckoned me to discover a brand I’d never heard of before: Moonshot Cosmetics.


I immediately pulled out my phone to do some sleuthing, because even my cosmetic-frenzied friends had never mentioned this brand. I found out that Moonshot Cosmetics is a new makeup and skincare line under the umbrella of South Korean conglomerate YG Entertainment. Although better known for churning out The Next Big Pop Star, YG has recently expanded to the beauty and fashion industries, producing skincare, beauty tools, and the brow pencil that's changed the life of yours truly.

On one of my last days in Seoul, I walked by Moonshot Cosmetics' flagship store in Samcheongdong, a hilly neighborhood known for its pretty shopping district. When I walked inside, I made a beeline for the eye and lip products (I’m blessed with good skin so BB creams and their ilk don’t appeal to me).


Let’s talk brows. If you’re like me, your friends have raved about the life-changing effect that filling in their brows has had. But if you’re also like me, you’ve got a heavy hand and even the best-rated eyebrow pencils and powders give you overpowering brows—and not in a good way.

The crème de la crème of eyebrow pencils has, of course, arisen from the expertise of the brow-savvy Korean cosmetics industry. Currently available in three shades, the Brow Shaper Pencil is part of their “Too Good to be True” line, and I would agree with that name.. A deft touch is no longer needed to fill in your brows flawlessly, just a gentle hand and the ability to color in the lines.

The pencil is shaped like the end of a highlighter, wide with a slant, unlike the ultra-fine tips of most eyebrow pencils. With a few smooth strokes, the brows are done (and never overdone).

On the other end of the pencil is the essential eyebrow spoolie, one of the softest I have encountered, allowing me to put every hair in its place without the exfoliation I find with so many other brushes.


The biggest lip color standout for me was the Cream Paint. Cream Paint is a viscous, highly-pigmented formula that feels more like glue than paint, but settles into that ideal middle ground between matte and glossy when applied with a light touch. It can be used on lips or cheeks, though some shades work better as one or the other.

I went home with “Drunken Red,” a candy-apple red that I dare not put on my cheeks for fear of a look out of clown college. But on my mouth, it’s divine.


I also couldn’t resist their Perfect Cleansing Oil, as I’ve personally found that cleansing oil is the least irritating way to make sure that all makeup comes off at the end of the day. And it does so with just a pump of the oil and a few swipes of a cotton pad. (It smells awesome too.)

What could be better than still feeling like a goddess after you’ve taken off your makeup for the day? (Nothing. That’s what.)

The Bottom Line

I haven't tried every Moonshot product, but what I have tried has been spot-on. For a brand new cosmetics company, Moonshot nailed a good portion of their products right away, something that rarely happens right at launch.

The formulas and packaging are super chic and colorful, just like the brand, and look amazing on a vanity table (I almost didn’t want to take them out of the packaging, honestly). Although the fluorescent, candy-colored products on that baby-faced model wouldn’t suit me in a million years, I finally found my eyebrow happy place. I finally understand what all my friends meant when they said good brows completely change a face.

Moonshot’s not available stateside yet, but it can be ordered online, so it feels exclusive, too. I’m probably the only girl in Wisconsin with my brow secret. When it comes to makeup, shoot for the moon, y’all.