Gel Moisturizers For People Who Hate Lotion And Can't Stand To Feel, Ugh, "Supple"

I have never found a moisturizer that actually sinks in and lets me live my life without a shiny and sticky face.
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January 8, 2013
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For someone who spends a good amount of time raving about beauty products, you’d think that I’d be just as enthusiastic about lotions as I am about everything else. Well, I’m not. I HATE lotion.

Why? Because I hate the way they FEEL.

I know the point of using them is to have “soft, smooth skin,” which I do suppose is ideal. But every time I slather one onto my hands, I just cannot stand that feeling of being so... supple. UGH, even typing it makes me squeamish!

There is almost nothing worse than rubbing a moisturizer onto your shoulders and clavicle thinking you’re doing your skin a huge favor, only to have your T-shirt stick to you all day. And face lotions? BYE. I can’t even rock a BB Cream without thinking that I look too “dewy," and I have never found a moisturizer that actually sinks in and lets me live my life without a shiny and sticky face.

Sorry, I know some people have like, real problems, but this BOTHERS ME. I live in the Midwest so my skin is typically dry this time of year, and I tend bar at night so my hands quickly reach a state of being beyond repair. Every autumn, when the weather starts cooling off, I tell myself that THIS will be the year where I get it together and take care of my skin and SPOILER ALERT: I never do.

About a month ago, I was getting all naked in my bedroom and realized just how bad my skin had gotten. There were dry patches all over my shoulders, chest and sides, and the skin on my face felt chapped to the point of burning. I knew I had to do something. I was determined not to settle for the normal lotions that I already hated, convinced that I could find something gel based or, at best, non-greasy. It’s 2013 -- can’t I be hydrated and comfortable at the same time?

I CAN! And here’s how.

For your body:

Vaseline Hydrating Body Gel

I have fallen in LOVE!!! Vaseline Hydrating Body Gel is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a gel moisturizer that leaves your skin “healthy, fresh & light.”

I rub it all over my arms, shoulders, chest every time I hop out of the shower and within a minute, it has soaked in and dried, leaving my skin feeling soft but not greasy or sticky. It dries so clean that my shirts don’t cling to my body throughout the day, which I am FOREVER thankful for.

It is unscented after it dries, so it’s not going to compete with any fragrance you’re wearing, which is a definite bonus for me. The one I grabbed is made with aloe, but they also have a formula made with cocoa butter. I just got the aloe one because the green bottle was cuter than the brown one.

Vaseline Hydrating Body Gel is quite literally everything I have ever wanted in a moisturizer. And for around $7.50, I’m not afraid to liberally apply it or forget it in a hotel room or whatever.

For your face:

Bioelements Beyond Hydration

I am and will always be DOWN for Bioelements. This is the product that evangelized me and made me a total Bioelements disciple, so allow me take you to church.

I have always stayed away from face moisturizers because they’d always leave my face looking shiny. I felt like I was using products to make my skin better in the long run, but they’d only make my skin look worse in the short-run, so I stopped using moisturizer altogether. I’m not shortsighted, I’m #vain!

This is a gel moisturizer for your face that won’t make you look oily while still keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. The best of both worlds!

Another great thing about gel moisturizers is that they bind water to the skin and help prevent moisture loss, so when I’m walking home at 3 am and the cold wind is beating against my face, it doesn’t get as chapped as it would when I was using (and hating) other creams. My skin looked and felt noticeably better after working this into my daily routine, I can't recommend it enough.

For your everywhere else:

Body Shop Beautifying Oil in Coconut

I’ve got a feeling that beauty oils are going to be even bigger in 2013, and if you’re looking for a place to start with them, I’d recommend this new one from The Body Shop. I was VERY apprehensive and yet sickly fascinated with trying beauty oil because isn’t the point of all of this beauty shit to NOT have oily skin? And now they want us to cover ourselves in it?

Of course I caved. I’m glad I did, too. They say you can use it on your body, face and hair. I ended up using it on the really dry parts of my arms and chest that needed some serious love and the beautifying oil really helped calm my dry skin situation down.

Again, I throw it on straight out of the shower and by the time I’m done blow drying my hair, it has seeped into my skin leaving it soft, but not slippery. And no, it doesn’t leave you feeling oily. I don’t use it as much as the gel moisturizer, but it’s a nice alternative every once in a while.

Coconut is one of my favorite scents, and a very good choice for a beauty oil because it is more of a natural coconut scent than a candy coconut scent (not that I don’t ALWAYS want to smell like candy). It smells like your own skin, but sweeter. And is a great base for perfumes. Win/win.

Am I alone here, or do any of you hate lotions, too? If you do, what do you use to stay soft? I want to hear any and all alternatives to the typical creams and lotions, so drop some knowledge on me in the comments section, my little snow bunnies.

Tynan is trying to find some sort of balance in his skin care regime, and his life, on Twitter @TynanBuck.