I FOUND TWO MERMAID FRAGRANCES Because We're All Obsessed With Mermaids.

Here at xoJane, some of us, many of us, have a huge obsession with mermaids. Can you blame us?
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October 22, 2013
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Some of you may know this, some may not. Here at xoJane, some of us, many of us, have a huge obsession with mermaids. Can you blame us? They’re by far the coolest, sexiest mythical creatures ever. Remember those bitchy lagoon mermaids from Peter Pan? All hairflips and lashes. They didn’t give a DAMN.

Anyway, mer-gang, today I swim up to you with a mer-themed article about mermaid fragrances! Mermaids and fragrances are two of my absolute favorite things, so you know straight out the gate that I am ALL about these!

I know they live in the ocean, and the ocean smells gross sometimes. But when I imagine how a mermaid would smell, which I so frequently do, I imagine they’d smell sweet, sultry, fresh, fruity and beachy, or something. You know. Like a hot girl with a fish tail that doesn’t exist! I wonder what they shampoo with…

First up, we have “Mermaid’s Kiss” from A Beautiful Life.

Mermaid’s Kiss is a light scent that is breezy, clean, and juicy. When you first spray it on, you get a tangy burst of lime and cypress that dries down to reveal pineapple mixed with lotus and lily. This scent would be right at home on some tropical island, which is why it’s appropriate that you’ll find RUM at the bottom of this scent.

I love rum in perfumes, but I don’t love rum in real life. Rum and I don’t get along. Or maybe we get along too well. One time I drank an entire bottle of Captain before a sorority formal. And then I did it again the next year. Like, how else was I supposed to deal with a room full of sorority girls?

KIDDING. It was the guys I couldn’t deal with.

Without spiraling completely off track, the green and floral notes keep Mermaid’s Kiss light and sophisticated enough to wear to the office, while the fruity notes keep it playful and great for a mermaid of any age. Pineapple is my favorite fruit, so I LOVE when it shows up in a fragrance, which is rare. More pineapple fragrances, please!

It also comes in a body crème and scrub that are both fantastic. Especially the coarse sugar and salt scrub that melts away as it exfoliates and leaves your skin scary smooth, getting rid of dead skin and leaving behind moisturizing plant oils. And it’s PINK.

The second mermaid perfume is called “Mermaid Perfume” by…Mermaid Perfume. Straight to the point, this one.

Mermaid Perfume is a gorgeous, uncomplicated, one note fragrance, much like you’d find from Demeter. Mermaid Perfume smells of orange blossoms, a fragrant floral that recalls lilies, fresh laundry, and a bit of fresh citrus rind. It’s sophisticated in its simplicity and easy to love. Staying clean and fresh all day, it’s a great scent for any time of year and the perfect scent for someone who is just finding their way in the fragrance world, or someone that easily gets sick of heavy scents.

Mermaids make me happy and fragrances make me happy and I am just so happy right now.

What’s your favorite mermaid pop culture moment?



Mine is Aquamarine, starring JoJo.

I’ve never actually seen Aquamarine, but there is no artist that I am devoted to more than JoJo so my statement still stands.

What fragrances or beauty products in general make you look, smell, and feel like a mermaid? Tell me in the comments and I’ll try them out? Alright Mermaid Gang, let’s talk.

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