One Man's Quest For The Perfect Mascara

I’ve been really into lashes lately. Bear with me.
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November 6, 2013
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Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mascara. The mascara of my dreams. This is the normal plight of a grown man in his twenties, right?

When it comes to this mythical mascara, I don’t care so much about length, as I have naturally long, enviable lashes. I want volume! I want thick ass lashes that would make even a Kardashian’s beefy (fake) lashes quiver with envy.

Also, I may have just made up this particular mascara up in my head. Have you ever done that? Totally fabricated your ideal beauty product with totally unrealistic standards that no actual product would ever be able to realistically achieve? I do that with beauty. And men.

I haven’t found that mascara, yet, but mark my words, I will. What I have found, for now, is this killer drugstore mascara that hits you with the best formula and brush to give you the most beautiful lashes, all for about eight dollars. That’s, like, no dollars in the world of good mascara.

I’ve been really into lashes lately. Bear with me.

So our new favorite mascara is none other than Maybelline's Volum' Express The Mega Plush

What makes this mascara so different from the rest is that everything about it aims for lightness. Let’s start with the mascara itself first. This Maybelline’s first gel-mousse formula, meaning it’s made with 40% less hard wax than normal mascaras. It applies to lashes very lightly, getting in between and separating every lash. It doesn’t go on too thick, having to be combed out which, for me at least, always ends up being counterproductive and I end up applying more than I wanted to in the first place.

Next, the wand. THE WAND!

It has a little hinge about a quarter of the way up from the brush, which gives just a little bend when you’re applying. This allows for lighter application since the brush ends up moving with your lashes as you apply, instead of a stiff brush combing through your lashes. To me, this little, forgiving bend makes all the difference in making sure your lashes are covered from root to tip.

Last, the brush is pretty large and bristly. I tend to prefer a brush with rubbery spikes like YSL’s Baby Doll Mascara, but these combed through every lash and applied the mascara beautifully without my lashes binding together or clumping (shudder.)

I think my favorite thing about it is that all of these factors combine to make a mascara that, after one coat, almost makes it look like you’re not wearing any mascara at all! It definitely lengthens, volumizes, and all around accentuates your lashes, but it goes on so smoothly and lightly that you can barely tell you’ve got anything on. Don’t get me wrong, you can layer this up for some added drama, and you should! Who doesn’t love drama? It’s just hard to find a mascara that doesn’t immediately look over the top from just one swipe, you know?

Wait, let me hit you with a before and after.

I’ve tried out a lot of mascaras, and I’m sure you have too, but this one just works so nicely, it’s great for everyday, and it’s waiting for you at your favorite drugstore!

What’s your fave mascara? I know you guys are all about Too Faced Better Than Sex, which I haven’t tried on principle because like, frankly, someone at Too Faced isn’t having good enough sex. But that’s just a personal opinion.

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