The xoJane "Glamily Lambily" Mariah Carey Fan Makeover Extravaganza

Plus, Mariah Carey is giving away a Glam Lamb beauty basket worth $1,000!
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May 16, 2012
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Before Lambs


Long before Lady Gaga ever dubbed her people "Little Monsters," Mariah Carey had "Lambs," or the "Lambily" as she affectionately refers to her fiercely loyal fans. Mariah is so appreciative of the Lambily that she designated February 11th "Lamb Appreciation Day."

T0 celebrate, Mariah chose three lucky Lambs --Tonya, Desiree and Meg -- to win a "Glamily Lambily" Mariah Carey makeover from her personal glam squad featuring beauty legends Kyle White, Oscar Blandi and Kristofer Buckle. Each of the girls also took home a beauty basket from Mariah worth $1,000 and she has one left just for xoJane. More on that later. First, the makeover.

WHO: Mariah Carey's glam squad. Kyle White on color, Oscar Blandi on cut, Kristofer Buckle on makeup, and xoJane.

WHAT: The first ever Mariah Carey Glamily Lambily Fan Makeover Extravaganza.

WHERE: Oscar Blandi's expansive Manhattan salon. Coincidentally, Tinsley Mortimer of xoJane's first Makeunder was there the same day having her hair done.

WHY: Mariah and Jane go way back. Right Jane? [It's not like we are thisclose or anything. I had dinner with her and a couple of other girls, including Ashley Judd (of course), many years ago at Nobu and it was during that dinner that I realized she is a real girls' girl (one of my favorite traits) and very real and open. Then she was on Jane magazine's cover, so I went by that photo shoot to say hi to her. Mostly our connection is through Kyle, who rules and loves bringing people together. --Jane] And it's through Kyle that Jane was asked to take part in the makeover. As Kyle said to me over the phone recently once the project was complete, "You have to have a Jane Pratt to make this sort of thing happen."

Jane arrives on set


Kyle on color: "It’s not like a tattoo or plastic surgery. Anyone can have fun with hair color. It’s one of the few things that you can do in an afternoon that can reinvent your whole look. When criminals are on the run they change their hair color immediately. It’s a part of our identity. Hair color can be career making. Debra messing never got work until she went red. Hair color can be a signature. It’s something that you can completely reinvent. Mariah is always, always changing. We did a photoshoot where her hair was black. Hair color is a mood enhancer it’s something that makes people feel better. It inspires creativity."

Kristofer on makeup: "

Everyone looks in the mirror and wishes they could change something. Sometimes you want to be someon else just for one night. Sometimes there's such a small adjustment that it's not worth fixing permanently. Most people are limited by their own obsession. Women don't realize how great they can look.

They don't know their true potential. Once somebody sees themselves like this it changes their self-perception. The competition isn't so steep between you and the superstars."

Kristofer, Oscar and Kyle working their magic on Meg

Mariah is giving away one last Glam Lamb beauty basket worth $1,000. To enter simply visit the gift basket gallery and tell us what makes you an honorary lamb in the comments.

I will announce the winner right here on Monday, May 28th, so don't forget to check back.

P.S. Mariah made a special xoJane Lamb Appreciation video. Click, click!