And the Mariah Carey "Glamily Lamily" Gift Basket Winner is...

One lucky reader scores $1,000 worth of beauty swag courtesy of Mariah Carey. Is it you?!
Publish date:
May 30, 2012

Quick recap: Mariah Carey and xoJane teamed up to bring three lucky Lambs an ultra-glam makeover courtesy of Mariah's personal glam squad featuring beauty legends Kyle White, Oscar Blandi and Kristofer Buckle. Each of the girls also took home a beauty basket from Mariah worth $1,000 and she had one left just for xoJane.

Thank you to everyone who entered for your creative/heartfelt/insanely thorough submissions in the comments section. And shoutout to runner up Lindsay Keefner for your beauty flow. You know I like my hip hop full of branded name-dropping.

Without further ado, congratulations to Swiggasinparis*. You can now add winning a "Glam Lamb" $1,000 gift basket to your personal Mariah Carey timeline.

Congrats boothang!

I'd like to leave you with some throwback Nick Cannon because I don't know, MC's man needs love too.

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