The Mariah Carey X MAC Lipstick is ALL I WANT For Christmas Or Whatever

I only wish all beauty collabs made as much sense as this one.
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December 7, 2015
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Mariah Carey is a living legend.

She is the original diva. She's never had any qualms about knowing exactly what she’s worth, and demanding just that. Mariah Carey has always been a total boss. The music from the beginning of her career is timeless, and her newer material is still as fresh as her first single, "Vision Of Love." She doesn’t have to rely on the typical tropes of modern pop music that so many pop stars use as a crutch. She set the bar early in her career, and she’s still the standard that the new girls measure their careers against.

Ugh, I could go on, but I won’t.

But I will. Last week, I was driving into Chicago with my friend Ryan, who happens to be a die hard Mariah stan, a Lamb if you will, and we listened to the (impossibly named) Me. I am Mariah…The Illusive Chanteuse. Though the album didn’t sell a billion copies on its first day, I’d venture to say that it was one of the best R&B records of 2014. You know what? I’m gonna turn that on right now. And today, as I was running some errands, I listened to an Apple Music playlist of her music from the 2000s. She’s so good. Mariah Carey is so good. She’s just always had it.


The first reason I love this collaboration is because, though it’s dropping for Holiday 2015, and though it’s called “All I Want” (dying) it’s not a holiday product. No, this lipstick is all Mariah Carey.

Let’s take a look back at a good chunk of Mariah’s album covers.

A huge part of Mariah Carey’s aesthetic throughout her career has been the beautiful bronze, champagney glow that has always surrounded her. Her hair, her skin, her aura, everything has always had a regal, oppulent glow. Why would the lipstick be any different?

Here it is:

All I Want, $17.

All I Want is a sheer champagne shimmer. Of course it is. This is one of those beautiful beauty collabs that makes perfect sense. You’ll rarely see Mariah Carey in a statement lip, an opaque lip, hell, even a red lip. Why would her very own lipstick be anything but a sheer glaze of champagne shimmer?

The product itself is very sheer. Just to give you an idea, here it is with just one pass on the lips.

All I Want is buildable, and it doesn’t get sticky when layered. I was never able to reach full opacity, but I wasn't supposed to. I did get a nice, shimmery layer that had a lot of dimension and reflected light beautifully.

Here it’s pictured layered over my bare lips.

Worn alone, it demands attention, and is a great example of how a statement lip doesn’t always need to be a lined, dark, matte lip. Take that, 2015 (I love that look though so I can’t even play.)

The shots above were taken in natural light. I thought it looked noticeably different in artificial lighting, so here it is in the terribly lit bathroom.

All I Want is one of those lipsticks that begs to be played around with and paired with other products. I wanted to see how it behaved with a nude liner. Here, it’s layered over my lips with MAC’s Whirl, which is a favorite of K…you know what? Nevermind.

I thought the liner would be a nice backing to the lipstick, really making it pop. I didn’t quite expect it to still be as noticeable through it. Just goes to show how much shimmer this packs while still being sheer.

Next, I wanted to layer it over a great holiday red to see if it would enhance the shine of other products.

Then I remembered that I never, ever wear straight reds. I have about 200 lipsticks lying around and none of them are a true red. How the hell? So I paired it with LA Girl’s Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in Spicy after lining the lips with the Plum Slim Lip Pencil by NYX. Here's the red lip alone:

Layered with All I Want:

All I Want doesn’t exactly layer over the color. Instead, it picks it up as you pass it over your lips and mixes it on the lip. It does, however, add dimension to a matte lip color.

I'll take any chance to use basically anything as a highlighter, so I smeared All I Want over my cheekbone and all that, and it actually turned out really gorgeous.

Right?! I love making a product multitask! I'm definitely going to be smearing this on my cheek bones when I need a quick highlight this ~holiday season~.

I only wish all beauty collabs made as much sense as this one.

What do you think of All I Want? How do you feel about sheer, shimmery lipsticks? What’s your favorite Mariah song? Mine’s "Heartbreaker" (gimme ya love, gimme ya love... x8) but my low key favorite would always be "THROUGH THE RAIN".

Tynan is a member of the Lambily on Twitter @TynanBuck.