The Return Of The Marc Jacobs Splash Collection, And the Cocktails to Sip While Wearing Them

These re-released scents are even good sans the alcohol, if that’s your thing.
Publish date:
May 11, 2016
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Nothing is better than a scent that you just know was made to be worn in the summer. A few of my favorite fragrances are so summery that I refuse to touch them past September 1st. Of course, having a good scent that you can reach for year round is ideal, but there’s something exciting about one that you only wear in the months when things heat up. It’s a summer fling.

The only thing worse than having to put your favorite sunny scent away until next year is finding that it has been pulled off of the shelves entirely. That’s why I have trust issues! I hate falling in love with any product because I know that it could be torn away from me at any moment! That’s why I always buy in twos.

In 2006, Marc Jacobs launched his Splash collection, fragrances build around one scent, like Rain or Pear, perfect the hotter months. They’re not simply one-note fragrances, not by a long shot, but they’re not so complex that they’re going to weigh you and your nose down, or smother you on a hot day.

Like all great scents, they were discontinued, leaving their fans in mourning. Any good perfumer knows that the best way to make your fragrance a cult classic is to take it away from the people who love it (LOOKING AT YOU, GAP GRASS).

Marc Jacobs heard our cries and is re-releasing four of the biggest Splash scents for a limited time so we can get our hands on the perfect summer scents once again.

When you deconstruct these fragrances, the notes almost seem like ingredients to the perfect summery cocktail. Maybe that’s just because my mind is always on booze, BUT I mixed up the four cocktails that would make the perfect companions to these four scents. They’re even good sans the alcohol, if that’s your thing. However you drink them, they’re best enjoyed in the summer sun, ideally with their corresponding fragrance.

Splash Rain

Splash Rain starts off fresh and wet with freshly cut grass, strawberry, clementine, and cypress. In the middle, a rain accord mixes with passion flower and white orchid for a soft white floral that enhances the top notes, and at the base, there is amber, moss, musks, and teakwood.

Rain Splash is Marc’s take on the smell of a city after it rains (or, maybe that's my take on the fragrance.) Cement that as been baking in the hot sun all day is now steaming after a summer storm, giving off that unique smell of hot, wet concrete. This mixes with fresh green grass, florals, and musk, making it green and humid, while the strawberry lends just enough sweetness to keep it fresh.

As for a cocktail, first, throw some mint leaves, four to six of them, into a shaker, then cut some strawberries in half and throw them in, I’d say two to three, depending on how strawberry-y you prefer your cocktails. I'd tell you to "hull" them first but I don't know what that means. Grab a muddler and mash them together. If you don’t have a muddler lying around, that’s fine, you can use anything: a wooden spoon, your remote control, an Artis makeup brush. Get creative. Then, throw in an ounce to an ounce and a half of Cointreau, tripe sec, simple syrup, or whatever you prefer to sweeten your drinks with.

Great. You’re doing great.

Next pour in like two ounces of tequila. I’d use a silver, like Patron! Or DeLeon, P. Diddy’s tequila. Throw some ice in, shake it up, pour into a glass, and don’t forget to garnish.

Really, this cocktail would taste great with whatever booze you wanted to throw in, I just chose tequila because sometimes tequila tastes like wet concrete and I’m trying to tie this whole thing together.

Splash Cucumber

This isn’t just an expensive version of Cucumber Melon from Bath & Body Works (which is being brought back???) But it’s a light, crisp, scent that plays off of all of the best things about the cool cucumber.

At the top is, you guessed it, cucumber! Along with lotus leaf and bamboo. Lily of the valley, linden blossom, and freesia make for another floral middle, and musk and blonde woods hold it down at the base.

The floral lotus and dry bamboo help to broaded the idea of cucumber, which is green, watery, and a little sweet. The top notes are the most exciting part of the scent, and the florals in the middle and soft wood and musks at the base work to give them longevity and wear well throughout the day.

Now for a drink. Throw some mint into a muddler again along with a few slices of cucumbers. Let’s say four. This probably counts as your serving of vegetables for the day, so you’re really doing yourself a favor here. You’re basically on a juice cleanse. Grab your nearest translucent powder brush and use the handle to muddle the cucumber and mint together.

Pour in two ounces of Hendricks gin, and follow that up with half ounce of St. Germain. Squeeze in a wedge of lime and drop the wedge into the muddler. Shake it up, pour, and enjoy.

Splash Pear

I was excited for Splash Pear and it didn’t disappoint. Pear Splash is a great example of how this collection takes the note that inspired it, and builds out from it, rather than just making single-note pear scent.

The minute this hits your skin, you get pear, but fresh pair, both the green skin and the juicy fruit within, instead of a more confectionary take on pear. Tangy bergamot and lemon rind help brighten it up without making it any sweeter. Gin accord, juniper, and freesia make up an herbaceous middle, and teakwood, musk, and amber softly anchor the fragrance without calling too much attention to themselves.

There aren’t enough pear cocktails in the world, and I want to change that. So, grab a pear and cut up a little, then throw a handful in a shaker and follow it up with two or three basil leaves, and lime. Muddle until your hand gets tired. I hate muddling and so does every other bar tender in existence, so I don't know why I keep telling you to do it. It just makes for better pictures, truthfully.

Pour into a glass and top it off with some soda or ginger beer, depending on how sweet you like your cocktails. Garnish with the rest of the pear, because I know you didn’t use the whole thing.

Splash Cotton

I know what you’re thinking. Another cotton fragrance? So was I. I got around to this one last, but it ended up being my favorite of the four. It’s a little reminiscent of the first Marc Jacobs fragrance for men, which has always been my go-to scent for summer. Cotton is fresh, breezy, and a little sweet, perfect for all day wear in to the hot summer night.

Peach and mandarin make the opening of this fragrance juicy and sweet, while bergamot adds a bit of tang so the fruity notes don’t get too sticky. An aquatic accord adds a misty, beachy, almost salty feel, like crashing ocean waves, that softens the other sweet top notes.

The heart of the scent is where the breatheable cotton feel comes in. Lavender, jasmine, lily of the valley, and a cotton accord come together to make a light, soft, airy middle, one that lets the top notes breathe a little bit. The base is a soft and sunny trio of white suede, blonde woods and musk.

There are a thousand drinks that I wanted to pair with this cocktail, but I went with the following just because I thought it was cute. Perfect for spring, and will get you through summer.

First, grab yourself some peach or lemongrass infused gin. Can’t find any? Just do it yourself! It’s so easy (Claire let’s do an article on that.) I infused a habanero tequila myself back in 2011 and I haven’t been able to touch my penis since.

Next, throw in a half ounce to almost an ounce of Lillet Blanc, some seasonal jam of your choice, shake it up, and strain into a martini glass, or save yourself the trouble and have it on ice. Top it off with a little cava if you’re feeling extra fancy. I hate the word cava.