Bad Witch Beauty For The HWIC In You

Makeup to bring out your inner Fiona Goode for the full moon.

I am perfectly content to be a pastel princess day-in and day-out, but believe it or not, even I have a dark side. As the summer days get longer and the nights get shorter and hotter, I find myself reaching for dark, smoky, sexy colors, and I have to say, going bad feels good.

Witches have been all over television lately. But we're not talking Sarah Jessica Parker circa Hocus Pocus. Today's witches are bad bitches. I mean... Jessica Lange as American Horror Story Coven HWIC Fiona Goode?

And then of course there's the more recent, soapy-fun Witches of the East End, which stars Channing Tatum's ladylove, Jenna Dewan Tatum.

While I'm not about to go full Fiona Goode and sacrifice an innocent for everlasting youth and beauty (as Fiona is wont to do), I do find a dark, mysterious beauty look to be quite fetching.

To strike a balance between magical witch and fierce power witch, I turned to Rituel de Fille, a new makeup brand based in L.A. and NYC. The company is run by three gorgeous witch babes who happen to be sisters.

The sleek black packaging is dotted with tiny stars, and products have names like "Fortune Teller" and "Written in Blood" for extra dark magic. But despite Rituel de Fille's wicked branding, the sisters keep their products cruelty-free and all-natural. In their words, it's "beauty inspired by the magical side of natural ingredients, where pigment is elemental, ceremonial, and powerful.”

Seeing as we're in for a full moon this Saturday night, there's no time like the present to channel my dark side and share a witchy makeup tutorial.


If you had the power to do anything, you’d give yourself a perfect complexion, right?

Since I don’t know any magic spells, I used Hourglass's Veil Primer ($52) to even out my skin tone, Tarte's Maracuja Creaseless Concealer ($24) to cover up blemishes and dark spots, and Lorac's Porefection Baked Perfecting Powder ($33) to give my skin a nice matte finish. I also did a bit of contouring with Too Faced's Chocolate Soleil Bronzer ($30) and Ilia's Highlighter Stick ($34) in Polkadots and Moonbeams around my cheekbones to sharpen my features.


This Rituel de Fille Inner Glow Cream Blush ($24) is so smooth and richly pigmented that it might just be my new favorite product. I used it in Desire, a dark purple-mauve, for this tutorial. Even though I usually avoid dark blush, this one felt right, especially for a full moon makeup look.

However, my lack of experience with cream blush did have me wishing for a magic wand (or magic makeup brush).


Dark magic doesn't work without a little sparkle, so I used Honey Pot eye shadow from Too Faced's Natural Eyes Palette ($36) in the corner of my eyes. Then I went over it with Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner ($19) in Midnight Cowboy. For my outer upper lid, I used Rituel de Fille's Ash and Amber Eye Soot ($22) in Serpent de Mer, a color described as burnt taupe with metallic highlights. The soot is a combination powder/cream, so the color is extremely intense and gives a seriously smoky effect.

I finished my eyes with a liquid liner cat-eye, some smudgy black liner on my bottom lash line and the outer corners of my eyes, and a thick coat of RMS Volumizing Mascara ($28).


Rituel de Fille lip colors ($23) are extremely pigmented and intense. I wanted to look as spellbinding as possible, so I went for Fortune Teller, a dark berry red that says, "I'm a vampire who just fed, but you should still keep your distance."

I prepped my lips by exfoliating with LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub ($9.95) and lined with Cargo Reverse Lip Liner ($16). Then I used a lip brush to carefully paint my lips with color.

I've never met a witch, but I would assume they smell all sorts of amazing and delicious and mysterious. My fake it 'til you make it witch scent is Tokyo Milk Dark ($36). It's bittersweet and warm, with notes of cake flour, cacao, osmanthus, and musk. I also slathered on some hand cream with amber, oak, blood orange, and patchouli, naturally.

One more tip:

Who is your favorite TV witch? Do you like my dark side? Or do you prefer pastel princess/mermaid?