Why Everyone Needs This Purple (Yes, Purple) Face Powder

The fact that it makes your face smell like violets isn't even the best part.
Publish date:
October 16, 2013
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Have you ever made a list of things that make you happy, just for the hell of it? I've been meaning to, so I can have it to look at on bad days as a reminder that not everything needs to be punched and/or kicked.

Some of things that would be on my list:

  • Batting cages
  • Bunches of pastel balloons
  • Harmonizing
  • Dogs (mine and everyone else's)
  • Christina Hendricks
  • Puff-sleeve anything
  • Peanut butter
  • The bass line of "Chinese Baby" by Clem Snide
  • The smell of violets
  • Vintage/retro packaging

So when I learned of the existence of Bésame Brightening Violet Powder, which can claim those last two wonderful things, I knew I had to have it.

Upon seeing the adorable hexagonal box, I was almost scared to open it. It was such a perfect little thing to look at, I didn't want to disturb it. But I still had the promise of a violet scent waiting to be fulfilled!

After bravely opening the box, I found an impossibly cuter dark red and yellowish jar. I twisted off the lid, and there was the sweetest, most velvety little puff I ever did see.

Finally, under the puff, was a clear plastic lid--one that smartly stays attached to the jar, unlike with other loose powders--keeping the powder in place. I sniffed it through the plastic and was immediately sent to Stupid-Joyful Brain Land from the violet scent.

But the biggest perk of Brightening Violet Powder doesn't even fall on my happy list: it's light purple.

Unlike most translucent powders, instead of being white or a skin-tone specific shade, it's this delightful-to-behold pale lavender. (Side note: If it smelled like lavender, I would literally turn my nose up at it--while holding it closed--and this article would not be getting written.)

But why? WHY? Why would anyone--everyone, even--want to use light-purple powder all over their face?

It's well-known among makeup artists that lavender cancels out sallowness in the skin. There are actually quite a few lavender primers out there--Clinique, Boots No. 7, NYX, etc.--made to balance excess yellow tones. And you've probably heard (on xoVain, a million times), that purple shampoos and toners help get blonde hair whiter. It's color science!

So instead of putting it on first, under foundation, Brightening Violet Powder is made to be a last step. This not only neutralizes jaundice (if you actually have jaundice, see a doctor), it provides an extra bit of radiance that primer underneath foundation just can't.

It sets makeup, leaving all skin tones looking bright and non-cake-ily matte. You can even use it on dark circles when your concealer isn't concealing as much as you'd like it to!

Now all I need is a boyfriend who loves the smell of violet so he can just passionately sniff my face all the time. Actually, wait--that sound creepy now that I think about it.