Don't Be Afraid of Experimenting With White Eyeliner

I had so much fun whipping these four looks up!

Because of the drama level of white eyeliner, I think a lot of people tend to avoid it.

Don't do that!

Makeup is about having fun, and experimenting with colors and shapes. If something looks straight up weird, consider yourself an artist!

As I'm sure you'll be able to tell, I had so much fun whipping these looks up. And while I know some of them are super-duper strange and perhaps not appropriate for the office or a romantic date, they are, at the very least, intriguing. I hope my foray into white eyeliner inspires some of your own at-home experimentation.

Look #1

For this look, I used Urban Decay Yeyo and drew an exaggerated V-shape at my inner corners. I also lined my entire upper lash line and extended the wing just past my brow. I just lined the outer corners of my lower lash line and then extended that wing. To create a nice juxtaposition, I applied a few coats of black mascara and finished with Maybelline's Electric Orange lipstick.

Look #2

Perhaps this standard cat eye is the most wearable of all the looks. It's a particularly good one for spring, and I think it looks even better paired with a super-bright, juicy lip (I'm wearing The Body Shop's Colour Crush). For this look, I drew on a normal cat eye and made sure to let the liner dry completely before blinking. This NYX white liquid liner is definitely trickier to use than black, but it's opaque and makes an impact.

Look #3

OK, here's the weirdest look of the bunch. And I'm telling you now: I probably wouldn't wear this anywhere outside of a photo shoot. But you know what? I think it looks pretty rad and it's giving me a twinge of an Ophelia vibe.

For this, I smeared NYX's jumbo pencil in Milk across my lid and along my lower lash line, then blended out. I did this a few times to build up intensity. As you can see, I forewent mascara and opted for a bright red lip, lest I look completely dead.

Look #4

I was trying to think of an unexpected way to use white eyeliner, and that's how this baby was born. Though it looks a little complex, it's fairly straight forward. Using Urban Decay's Gonzo from the Electric Palette, I drew a cat eye with shadow and an angled eyeliner brush. From there, I simply traced the outer edges with Yeyo and swiped on some mascara.

  • Which of these looks is your favorite?
  • How do YOU wear white eyeliner?
  • In what ways have you recently experimented with makeup (please share pics!)?