3 Reasons You Need To Buy White Eyeliner Immediately

White eyeliner is surprisingly versatile. It doesn't even need to be limited to your eyes!
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August 26, 2013
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I’m a big fan of multi-purpose beauty products, and an even bigger fan of FORCING my products to be multi-purpose even when they weren’t meant to be originally. It saves both time and money, and I get to feel all clever and smug in the process.

An unlikely candidate for this is white eyeliner. I know, you’re probably wondering, How many uses could there be for white eyeliner? Well, I don’t know the exact answer to that question, but in this article I’m going to show you three different ways I use my NYX white eyeliner pencil.

The first one is the most obvious: Use your white eyeliner on your waterline and in the inner corners of your eyes. It really helps to make your eyes look a bit bigger and more awake.

Here’s what my eyes look like without the white eyeliner:

And here’s what I looked like after applying white eyeliner in the inner corners and waterline:

It’s definitely subtle but it makes me feel better about my tiny, sleepy eyes as I’m heading off to work in the morning. Just make sure to blend it into the inner corners of your eyes with your finger so it’s not too stark.

The second thing I use my white eyeliner for is when I need a highlighter in a pinch. I like the highlighting stick that I have by Sonia Kashuk, but it’s more for a dewy, subtle look with hints of sparkle. Subtle sparkle is great sometimes, but other times it’s kind of confusing, honestly.

When I need some drastic but matte brightening, I grab my white eyeliner pencil. I like to stroke a few lines above and under my brows, then drawing down onto the tops of my cheekbones.

Sometimes I forget that I have it on and just go out in public looking like that. Other times, I remember to blend. It looks much better that way, so I recommend that, especially if you prefer the subtle look.

The last thing I’ve used my white eyeliner for might be a little unexpected. Inspired by a gorgeous black and white photo by Jeff Tse, I’ve been really into the white cat eye this summer. It’s not as harsh as black eyeliner, it’s way easier to fix mistakes (no getting black smears all over your face because you were using your fingers to fix smudges), and it makes dark eyelashes pop.

It’s pretty simple to do. You just line your upper lid like you usually would with the white eyeliner. It might take a few coats for it to show up properly, depending on what kind of eyeliner you’re using. Liquid eyeliner would be so much better for this than my pencil, but the pencil is what I had.

Also make sure that the flick at the end is dramatic enough to be noticed, or else what’s the point?

I have pretty pale skin, but I think it showed up well. It just took some patience to make sure I laid it on thickly enough. You can skip the mascara and let the cateye be the center of attention, or use mascara to make your black lashes really stand out against the white background.

So that’s what I’ve been using my white eyeliner for. I’m definitely getting my money’s worth. Anyone else know any interesting uses?