Quick Question: What Was Your Very First Makeup Item?

More than two decades later, mine is still being made!
Publish date:
June 18, 2013
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Unless you just recently started wearing makeup, there's a decent chance that the very first product you ever used has since moved on to the great Caboodles in the sky. Makeup colors and products get discontinued all the time, often after a very short lifespan, leaving fans looking for "dupes" to get them through the grief of losing a good inanimate friend.

Mine is an exception. I clearly remember asking my mother for CoverGirl Lipslicks--still sold every-damn-where--in Hint of Coral for my first day of sixth grade. Not that anyone noticed my lip gloss since I was wearing an oversized green cardigan, purple sleeveless t-shirt and RAINBOW PLAID SKIDZ. I apologize for not have photo evidence readily available.

I even remember the ad that made me want Lipslicks. Oh, wait, here it is!

Hint of Coral is no longer available, but CoverGirl still makes Lipslicks in 12 shades. In fact, I'm the proud owner and occasional wearer of Bronze Goddess, formerly known as Hint of Bronze. (Hints are SO 1991, amirite?)

How about you? QQ: What was your very first makeup item? Is it still produced? Let's reminisce!