Quick Question: What Does Your Lipstick Imprint Say About You (According To This Old Test)?

This vintage novelty lip test is both enlightening and insulting!
Publish date:
April 8, 2013
Quick Question, lipsticks, vintage

One of my favorite timesucks, retronaut.com, recently posted a scan of a novelty "Lip Test" from 1948. All you do is put on lipstick, kiss the "Kiss Test Tissues" that came with the test, and then compare the shape to the handy analyzer to find out something really profound about yourself.

Or, since it's 2013, you put on lipstick, kiss a napkin or envelope or something like that, and then compare the shape to the analyzer and be disappointed by what was considered humor in 1948.


I came closest to "Hamburger Lips," which apparently means I look like a meatball, because that makes sense...?

Your turn! Today's Quick Question is right there on the test: Which Type Are You? Share your results in the comments so we can all make fun of your irrevocably flawed lips and closely linked personality defects.