So, I May Start Wearing Green Mascara Every Day

Length, opaque color and no smears? This colored mascara is incredible!
Publish date:
February 7, 2014
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There once was a time when mascara only came in a few colors; black and brown were your only options for lash enhancement back in the day. I was a tween in the '90s, when clear mascara was getting widely picked up by major beauty brands, and I was allowed to use it! I covered my lashes in layer after layer of what can only be described as lip gloss for your eyes.

I ALSO had the bright idea of adding green eyeshadow to it, and before it dried to a crusty tube, it gave me some pretty sweet-looking emerald lashes.

As even our moms learn to use Instagram, the big beauty brands have started to take notice of trends and act on them in a finite way. Think capsule collections for Target. This means that when you want it, you better go get it, because it will be gone in a flash! Back when Kelly wrote about Maybelline's foray into colored mascaras, I knew that it wouldn't be long before even our dear wallet-friendly drugstore cosmetic company Wet 'n' Wild got on board.

On a visit to the drugstore for some things to take along on a long road trip to Chicago, I allowed myself to screw about in the makeup aisles before cracking the whip on my shopping list. I only buy things from the drugstore once in a while, because here in NYC things can be literally double the price in all of those chain stores. Toilet paper? One million dollars.

But we can always count on NYC and Wet 'n' Wild to keep their prices reasonable, even in the fancy SoHo Duane Reade. I browsed away while jamming out to the new Pharell//Major Lazer jam “Aerosol Can” and looked in that special area where the new displays are.

A familiar yellow tube shape was in the center display; it looked a lot like the Maybelline Volum line that I used to use. Further examination revealed a special twist: COLORS! Not just brown and black, but blue, green and purple! And the best part: a whopping $3.50! That's less than a latte! Wet 'n' Wild, you rule.

I bought myself a mascara tube for the first time in, like, four years. I HAVE mascara, thanks to my Sephora points and savvy gift-set buying, but they are black as night and make my already-long lashes look fake. I love that look for a special occasion, but I HATE scrubbing black eye makeup off of my face. I have that problem where no matter how much you wipe and wipe or use non-waterproof mascara, you wake up with black soot all up under your eyes. I got so horribly sick of seeing crud all over my face every morning that I gave up eyeliner and mascara altogether. (You are welcome to share your tips for 100% black eye makeup removal, but I have tried so many things, and have just accepted my residue problems as unsolvable.)

Once I got home to try this stuff, I was really taken aback by the opacity of the color. I bought green, because it's my favorite color, and it goes lovely with brown eyes. I don't worry about it clashing with my red lips because IDGAF, but also because I would love to see someone look at me from head to toe and ask me if I'm an elf. Because I would just play along.

But seriously, it ends up having that vintage bright (usually blue or green) eyeshadow look, without having any eyeshadow on, and the red lip just makes it all look so timeless and classy.

I threw a few coats on and my man was STOKED. He was all "Look atcha pretty green lashes!" That means that it is opaque enough for a boy to notice, guys. have tried a few colored mascaras as they came out, and they were all pretty mild. Let's just say that Danizig is anything but mild. Instead of looking like black hairs with green tips, they looked green the whole lash through! I loved it!

I have told you bazillions of times that I keep it chill on the eye makeup, but this, I think, I can get down with! It also helps that the product is super-affordable--so much so, that if I decide to incorporate it into my everyday look it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. But I will be grabbing one or two extra tubes just in case it's a limited-edition product.

I may be swayed into doing so by my final and amazing observation of this product: NO RESIDUE!!! Let me throw in a few more exclamation points for that one!(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I proceeded to pass the eff out right after shooting these flix with my roomie and woke up to it just sort of… gone. That was a revelation for me. I didn't have to pile globs of oil and use 14 cotton pads to get smudges off. I washed my face and looked reeeallllllllllly closely… not one trace!

I simply can't believe that a mascara could lengthen my lashes, give them opaque color, and then not leave smears all over my face the next day. Can you say SOLD?