Weird Beauty Product Of The Week: The Freckle Pencil

Because the eyeliner you already own will not suffice.
Publish date:
February 21, 2014
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OK, freckles aren't weird. I've done fake freckles before; I'm a huge fan of the look.

I particularly like adding freckles when you're using extra-coverage foundation. Adding in a couple that may have gone missing, during an extreme zit camouflage session makes your secret cake face look all the more natural.

To create my faux freckles, I normally use either an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner or brow powder and a precision brush. So what's weird, you ask? A pencil dedicated solely to creating freckles.

In a beauty world that seems to be obsessed with whitening, brightening and fading dark spots, this is a refreshing step in the other direction.

H&M spinoff brand & Other Stories have created a Freckle Pencil for all your beauty marking and freckling needs. What's so special about the freckle pencil? It has two shades of brown to make your freckles look even more natural.

Some eyeliners have the wrong consistency, or worse, GLITTER, and who has freckles with glitter?

I know, I know--why bother if you already own a matte pencil? But what if you don't? What if you want to take all the guess work out of what shades look like natural freckles? Sometimes life needs to be easy.

Sure it might just be a nice gimmick, but I'm OK with that. I also typically love & Other Stories, so I may be a bit biased. But just in case you were looking out for something specifically for freckles, your prayers have been answered.