I've Started Looking For My Wedding Lipstick 9 Months In Advance

I think I found the lip color I'm going to wear on the big day; but then again, it's not until next February. Any recommendations?
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April 23, 2013
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I remember helping my now sister-in-law shop for her wedding lipstick. She was very particular about what she wanted. At the time, I didn't really see why it was such a special consideration, especially compared to all the other decisions she needed to make leading up to the big day.

At this point, I should probably note that we were on her bachelorette party cruise, shopping at duty-free stores in Nassau, and I may have been a little distracted by the one or two Kalik Gold beers that I'd had. Everything she tried on looked so pretty! And I was so excited for her to marry my brother! And does anybody want another round?!? I wasn't much help.

But now that I'm counting down to my own wedding, I realize that bridal lipstick really does require some planning. Even if you hire a professional makeup artist for the event, there's no guarantee he or she will have the perfect shade for you and this special occasion. After all, this lip product has to do many things.

In my case, it should transition from day to night, last long with minimal reapplication, show up well in photos and be formal but not fussy for our laid-back beach wedding; at the same time, it should not make my teeth look yellow, get on my teeth while I'm saying my vows, wash out my fair skin, be too annoying to carry around in my minaudiere or smudge when I'm greeting/hugging/kissing others (and my fiancé-turned-husband). It's a tall order for one product!

So that's why I've started the search so early. These are my findings so far, as suggested by the experts at my local drugstore, department store and beauty store.


The salesperson who suggested this product is also a freelance makeup artist and has done many weddings, and this is her go-to lip color for brides.

The two-step product (color base and clear gloss) does last pretty long without drying lips, although I experienced some fading in the center of my lips. Some might find the gloss a bit sticky and the vanilla scent somewhat cloying.

The rose-plum color is a bit darker than I had originally pictured for my wedding; it looks great, but I might use it more for nighttime looks.


This one appealed to me because it boasts "16 hours of comfortable color and moisturizing shine."

Another color-and-gloss combo, the product contains something called "SoftFlex" technology for stay-put color. However, the product did tend to feather a bit, and it seemed to rest on top of the lips in a thin veil of color instead of absorbing at all.

The peachy-pink hue is pretty and bright, but might not make enough of an impact in photos or when the sun goes down.


This color goes on like a lipstick but lasts like a stain. It's quick and easy to apply, wears long and very well, and comes in a compact little package.

The hydrating formula is buildable, and the rosy-brown color seems like the perfect middle ground between the previous two shades that I tried. I think it has "blushing bride" written all over it. Plus, the saleswoman said that it complements my eyes, and I'm a sucker for flattery.

I am in love with this Smashbox product. Although, over the next nine months, I'll certainly keep an eye out for other contenders. If you have a better option in mind, let me know!