3 Affordable Ways To Update Your Makeup For Spring

Why should all the fun of spring beauty be confined to those with deeper pockets?
Publish date:
March 13, 2015
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Ah, spring, a time when my brain goes, “Time to update my makeup collection” and my wallet goes, “Girl, you better not.” But why should all the fun of spring beauty be confined to those blessed with deeper pockets? Here are three tricks I’m using to get more out of less.

1. Host A Makeup Swap

You’ve probably stumbled across this advice before, but until you try it for yourself, you won’t know just how awesome it is. Gather up a handful of friends and sort out anything in your collection you don’t like or use. Skin care, hair products, and fragrance are usually the safest, but makeup can be fair game, too. Make sure to sanitize your products (I like to spray things down with rubbing alcohol) and skip things like mascara or lip gloss where an applicator touches your eyes or lips and gets reinserted into the product.

2. Rotate Your Products

You may have gems in your collection that you haven’t used enough just because they weren’t right in front of your face. Gather up all those products you forgot about or haven’t been adventurous enough to try and put them in plain view. I like to keep a small acrylic organizer in my bathroom where I switch out products on a two-week basis. I pack up my comfort-zone makeup that I always revert to and replace it with things I want to try. The power of laziness works wonders here: if orange lipstick is what’s within reach, then suddenly I’m wearing more orange lipstick.

3. Think Outside The Box, Compact, Or Tube

Using products beyond their intended purpose opens up tons of possibilities. You’ve heard of lipstick as blush, but have you tried blush as lipstick? I like to pat a nude blush on top of lip balm with a small eye shadow brush to get that brownish '90s matte look that’s so huge right now. See also: bronzer as eye shadow, colored mascara as liquid liner, shimmery shadow as highlight, eyeliner as lip liner, and so on.

This look features NARS Lipstick in Geraldine as blush, MAC Blush in Gingerly as lipstick, and Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Bronzing Veil as eye shadow.

  • How are switching up your beauty routine for spring?
  • What’s your favorite multi-use product or hack?