Get Glowing Cheeks Wherever You Go With This Model-Made Two-in-One

This portable, double-ended product offers a cream blush and illuminator.
Publish date:
July 15, 2015
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As a runway model for top-tier fashion houses like Chanel, Givenchy, and Valentino, I think it’s safe to say Lindsay Ellingson has learned a thing or two about makeup. There’s no doubt that she’s experienced first-hand the tips and tricks of famous makeup artists backstage and tried out the most coveted beauty products on the market.

She's also noticed the rush women always seem to be in, and in an effort to make looking good on the go a little easier, Wander Beauty was created.

Wander Beauty has launched with two must-have products in one super-sleek package: On-The-Glow Blush and Illuminator ($42). This two-ended applicator is perfect for tossing in your purse and comes in a universally flattering shade.

When I’ve overslept and am in a total hurry I have a few things I absolutely can’t skip or I feel like a total mess for the rest of the day. I physically can’t let myself leave the house without a quick swipe of foundation/concealer on any spots and a quick dab of blush and highlighter. I can skip liner and mascara—hell, I can even go without doing my brows—and feel like I still have my shit together if I know my cheekbones are glowing and my complexion is clear (*looking!) with a rosy glow. And as someone who never sleeps, highlighter really makes me look alive. It’s all about the undereye/cheekbones, my friends. Subtle but mighty if you aren’t about that vampire steez.

You get about an inch of product on each end, which isn’t a ton, but this thing is doing double duty and I don’t feel like carrying around 10 pounds of blush everyday. Gotta give credit where is due: this duo really sticks to its “on the go” roots. This package is light.

I have to say, the staying power isn't so great. Rub your cheek and the highlighter/blush is gone. It feels divine going on, but it could probably use a bit of waxy texture (it’s a very cream to powder product) to really grab hold and stay put. That being said, there is a fine line between staying put and having your hair stick to your makeup, and I’m glad it isn’t the latter.

The highlighter is cute, but not nearly as bold as the type I lean towards. But if you’re into more subtle highlighter, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. (I need a little more shimmer to look alive.)

The blush is a very subtle coral pink—sorry, “Coral Rose”—which is cute but, again, very veeeery subtle. The staying power of the blush end is also better than the highlighter, but still not as long lasting as I’d like. Maybe prime your face or cheek area and apply the blush and highlighter on your way to wherever you’re going.

I think someone with less oily skin and less of a habit of touching their face throughout the day would be into this product, but it just didn’t last on me. However, it is buildable and definitely suited towards someone with less of an obsession with super-shimmery illuminator.

A brand new capsule collection is set to hit this fall, which I expect will be just as beautifully packaged as the duo stick.

  • Do you use a combo stick for blush/highlighter?
  • Are you into more subtle approaches to blush/highlighter or, like me, always leaning towards the brightest pinks?