Beauty Experiment: Can You Use Lip Gloss On Your Eyes?

I pit MAC eye gloss against regular old lip gloss in the name of looking gorgeous and saving a buck.
Publish date:
March 24, 2015
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I love seeing glossy eyelids on the runway (peep my Pinterest) but I shy away from trying it IRL, because: greasy eyelids. However, with the MAC Cinderella collection putting eye gloss into the hands of consumers, I thought I'd give it a whirl--only my intention wasn't JUST to review the MAC product.

I wanted to find out whether regular old lip gloss would work as well as specially formulated eye gloss.

Let's start with the real thing. MAC's Cinderella eye gloss in Lightly Tauped is a gorgeous, glittered, holographic thing to behold. I was surprised how sticky it is, though. Lifting your finger out of the formula causes the same sound that car wheels make on drag racing tracks.

Since my eyelids are prone to creasing I decided to apply this to bare lids. Brushing it on is impossible because of the stickiness so I just used my fingers, which still isn't optimal.

Once on, the gloss does look quite nice. And creasing is minimal. The glitter is subtle, but definitely visible, which gives MAC the advantage over cheap alternatives like Vaseline or Eight Hour Cream.

After having moderate success with actual eye gloss, it was time to move on to the lip gloss hack. I wiped my eyelids with a cotton pad to start over.

Successfully returned eyelid-zero, I grabbed a Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in a neutral shade (Eggnog, I think), because I'm way more likely to wear a peachy eye--wet or dry--than red or pink.

LEFT: MAC eye gloss | RIGHT: Revlon Lipgloss

My left eye is the unfortunate one that got the MAC eye gloss over eye shadow (a shimmery gold from Stila's Eyes Are The Window To The Spirit palette). It looked good for a quarter of a minute--then I made the mistake of opening my eyes. The gloss and powder formed a weird paste that gravitated to my eyelid creases. The Revlon lipgloss (on my right eye) went on a lot better and felt thinner. But the thinner consistency means it moves around more, and ultimately it did gather in my crease.

For short-term wear, or for fancy fashion photography, the lip gloss is going to be identical or possibly better than an eye gloss. If, however, you think eye gloss is going to make it into your daily makeup routine, I do think there are advantages to buying a dedicated product. To be honest, I live in a city where the wind prevents even lip gloss from being feasible, so I'll be saving my eye gloss for a special occasion.

  • Is eye gloss your vibe?
  • Have you ever tried to DIY it? What'd you use?