I Challenged Myself to Use Every Color in My 3 Least-Used Palettes

I was neglecting some really great palette options because I got too set in my ways.
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July 18, 2016
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It’s no secret that I have a huge obsession with eyeshadow palettes, so it's no wonder that some of my palettes often end up taking a back seat to my all-time favorites (the LORAC PRO 1 and a custom Z Palette that I filled up). I noticed recently while looking through my collection that there were quite a few palettes that I still had (I have given a few away to friends) that get neglected the most.

I made a decision a couple of months ago to start using those three palettes in an effort use every color at least once to help me break out of my rut.

LORAC PRO Palette 2

This is the palette that had me thinking about this “challenge” to begin with because, as far as quality goes, it’s excellent — and yet it still wasn’t getting used much.

I tend to favor warm-toned shadows, so the overall coolness of this palette is what I think has held me back from using it as much. I used this palette for a couple of LOTW articles and I realized that I actually really like the cool tones on my eyes. I think some of the shades really make my eyes pop even more, and I love that.

One thing that I realized I didn’t like as much about the palette is that a lot of the lighter shades read very similarly on me. Sadly, this is a problem I have with most palettes because a lot of light shades read white or ivory against my brown skin.

Urban Decay Naked

I feel like the original Naked palette is a big go-to for a lot of makeup enthusiasts, but I was a little late to the party. I lusted after it for a long time when I first heard about it, but then after some looking around, I ended up buying the original LORAL PRO palettes instead.

I finally got around to buying this palette sometime last year, and although I liked it, I just didn’t reach for it as much. But since I started playing around with it again here recently, I’ve ended up reaching for it every day. It’s perfect for my 10-minute makeup look, and it's a really nice set of neutrals. I did realize, though, that there is a bit more glitter in some of the shades than I really care for, which is probably why I haven’t used it as often in the past.

Buck is my hands-down favorite shade in this palette because it is such a perfect transition shade.

Urban Decay Vice 3

Vice3 was definitely an impulse buy for me, but it ended up being a pretty good one. It has quite a random assortment of colors, though, so I don’t always immediately think of it when I’m doing my makeup.

It was a little bit tedious using every color in the palette, but I realized it was a pretty versatile group of colors and it challenged me to wear more colorful looks than I usually do on a daily basis.

I picked a favorite look from each palette to share with you guys:

I think the biggest lesson I learned doing this was that I was neglecting some really great palette options because I got too set in my ways. I like knowing that I don't always have to use the same palette to get the looks that I want.

I think my next step in trying to get better use out of my palettes is going to be to de-pot them and put them in larger Z Palette (or Z Palettes in my case) so that everything will be more front and center. I've already done this with my bright palettes, and I've definitely felt more encouraged to do bright looks now that I can see everything together.

  • What palettes in your collection have you been ignoring lately?
  • Are you in favor of moving everything into one super-palette, or do you prefer to have a more spread out collection?