Beauty Rebellion: Use Eye-Color-Specific Eyeshadow Palettes That Aren't Made For Your Eye Color!

I tried the Almay palettes for hazel, green and brown eyes, even though I have blue eyes. I CAN'T BE TAMED.
Publish date:
July 12, 2013
eyeshadows, palettes, almay

It happens to all of us. I lost my favorite eyeshadow one day. It was a shimmery shade of bronze, a slightly apricot color that perfectly complimented my blue eyes. Before I lost it, it was one of my staples. It basically made my whole makeup look for years 2008-2011. For whatever reason, I lived without this eye shadow for quite a while, but I never quite forgot about it.

Recently, as I was browsing makeup at the local drugstore as I always do, an Almay eyeshadow palette caught my eye. It was that color I was looking for! Upon further inspection, I saw the palette was specifically designed for hazel eyes, which I don't have. I didn’t care--I had to get it. Using things as directed is annoying!

Various cosmetics companies have been selling eyeshadow palettes designed for specific eye colors for years. But actually buying a palette meant for “hazel eyes” and loving the look made me wonder: Can more of these palettes work beautifully if used on the "wrong" color eyes? So I got a couple more palettes for some experimenting.

The goods:

  • Almay intense i-color bold nudes 413 trio for hazels (apricot, navy, yellowish white)
  • Almay intense i-color 414 bold nudes trio for greens ( grayish purple, army green, light green shimmer highlighter)
  • Almay intense i-color 411 bold nudes trio for browns (medium purple, dark purple, white shimmer)

The control: Almay intense i-color smoky i-kit 402 trio for blues. (slate blue, taupe shimmer, silvery white)

I decided to go with all Almay trios because I already knew I liked the trio for hazels, and because my mom likes that brand because it’s hypoallergenic and used to be the only mascara brand she’d buy. So, admittedly, the decision-making was a little arbitrary.

I treated this like a little social experiment and tried each of the eyeshadow sets out on different days to see how I felt and if anyone said anything. I made a rule to myself to use them in the prescribed areas, with the proper lid, crease, and browbone colors.


1. Almay intense i-color bold nudes 413 trio for hazels

This was the first set I purchased and I really like it with my blue eyes. Normally, I don’t use the crease color or highlighter, but using the crease color takes the look from day to night. I would imagine. I don’t really go out much.

I really have no feelings about the yellowish-white highlighter. I personally don’t use it, and I don’t think it’s always necessary to use a highlighter on your browbone with eyeshadow. It just looks extra-dated when you do this all the time, in my opinion. So I like this palette, but only for the lid color.

2. Almay intense i-color 414 bold nudes trio for greens

I didn’t think green eyeshadow would work on me at all, but I was pleasantly surprised with this set. It didn’t look like a bruise, like I thought, and the purplish-grey base color is a good neutral that I imagine would be suitable for any eye color.

I could do without the shimmery light green highlighter, but after all, it came out looking fine.

3. Almay intense i-color 411 bold nudes trio for browns

This was basically your run-of-the-mill purple eyeshadow pallete. It looked fine, and kind of always looks good on blue eyes. Does purple eyeshadow look bad on anyone, actually?

I think purple is one of those eyeshadow colors that can be for anyone if you have the right shade. Kind of like red lipstick. Everyone has their purple.

4. The control: Almay intense i-color smoky i-kit 402 trio for blues

I am confused as to why the color designated for the lid is navy blue, because about a million times I’ve heard blue eyeshadow doesn't work with blue eyes--or maybe I just imagined that.

At work, I got a compliment on my eyes by 10 am. I went to the bathroom for another look, because I'm a total narcissist.

In my opinion, this look is definitely passable, but the dark lids are going to take some getting used to for me. If I used the colors in a different order than as directed on the package, I think it would probably look better.

I think the taupe should have been for the lid. I’m still stuck thinking blue eyeshadow and blue eyes should never mix.

Which do you think worked the best? Has anyone else tried the “wrong” eyeshadow and liked it?