Use Electric Blue Mascara As Liner, Too!

I lied when I said that mascara should only come in black!
Publish date:
September 20, 2013
Look To Try This Weekend, maybelline, cat-eye, liquid liners, mascara, blue mascara, liner

For this weekend's Look To Try, I'm incorporating a bunch of trends that we've seen on the site recently: colored mascara, matching your eyeliner to another part of your face, bright blue, and just being hot in general.


I found the full line of Maybelline's limited edition Great Lash Colored Mascara at a Duane Reed in Midtown, so they're still out there available for purchase. Yahtzee! The "Blink Of Blue" seemed to be the brightest of the collection, so I went with it.

I smeared the product from the wand onto a plate until I got a decent dollop of paste to work with. (I keep a tiny tea cup plate at my vanity for mixing stuff. Or just use the back of my hand or a quarter, which is germy and gross.) Then I took my 1/4'' angle brush and used it to line my lashes with a thickish wing.

After lining, apply the blue mascara on the lashes. I used multiple coats to get the best color and coverage; I even painted the tops of the lashes blue with the brush. This causes lots of clingy, spider action, so I used a safety pin to separate the lashes. Dangerous? No, this is old school gangster, don't be a pussy.

Finish with thick brows and freshly exfoliated lips with some cherry lip balm. The look's a little mod, but mostly weird. Hot weird.

So what are you doing this weekend? I'll be at the Book Fair at PS1. I stopped by briefly last night but there were way too many tall people, so I left. Here's hoping that tomorrow there'll be a much shorter crowd!