I Finally Got the Vice4 Eyeshadow Palette, and These are My Favorite Color Combos So Far

Sorry I'm late to the party, Urban Decay.
Publish date:
January 25, 2016
Urban Decay, eyeshadow palettes, colorful eye makeup

I'm a huge fan of the Urban Decay Vice eyeshadow palettes. The beautiful, bright, shimmery shades are right up my alley, so, of course, I had to get the most recent one, Vice4.

Opening this wonderful palette for the first time went something like this: YESSSS SHIMMER YES SO PRETTY COLORS!!!

And then I thought, oh MAN, what am I going to do with this?! So many options!

To avoid having that happen to you, I created some looks with this bad boy.

Look 1: The Blues

For the first look, I decided to go with some of those lovely blue tones you see above. This was quite a challenge for me because I hardly ever wear blue or green eyeshadow.

I took the shades Grasshopper and Arctic through the crease and lower lash line. Then, I applied Low in the inner and outer third of the eyelid, and in the middle I applied C-Note. I applied both of these shades with a wet brush for a cool metallic effect. I also applied C-Note in the inner crease and around the lower lash line.

I chose to do a really intense version of this look, but you can also make it less dramatic by not winging it out so far.

Look 2: The Warm Colors

First, I defined my crease with the warm neutral shades, which I love. I first used Framed all over the lid. Then, I took Bitter through the crease and intensified the crease with Delete. These shades together are such a good combo for my olive complexion!

On the mobile lid, I applied Fast-Ball and Flame and blended the two together. To finish it off, I dusted a tiny bit of Underhand through the crease and I applied Bones to the inner corner.

Look 3: Smoked Purples

That purple row is so fantastic, isn't it? I created a really intense smoky eye with this because I think that looks really good with my eye color. Also, purple smoky eyes are the best because it's not as intense as black, but just as sophisticated.

To the inner part of the lid, I took Harlot. I took Pandemonium to the middle part of the lid, and to the outer part of the lid I applied Low. I blended all shades together as I was going. I also applied Low to the outer part of the lower lash line for a more smoked-out effect. Then, I took a clean blending brush and used that to blend the lid color into the crease.

To warm up the crease a little, I took Bitter on a blending brush and dusted that through the crease. To the inner corner, I applied a generous amount of Robbery and blended that upwards. I also tried to sparkle up the inner corner with Grip (but that color is just unusable — or is that just me?)

I finished off this look with a pop of Beat Down to the inner corner of the lower lash line.

I'm late to the party with the Vice 4 palette, but it's really beautiful! It's still available — in fact, it's on sale on the Urban Decay website — so if you're interested in 19 stunning colors, I highly recommend it.

  • What are your favorite colorful eyeshadow looks?
  • Show me your Vice4 creations!