Here's My Face 17 Times So You Can See the Best of Urban Decay's New Vice Lipstick Colors on Someone

A brand replacing ALL of its current lipstick lineup with a new collection is a pretty ballsy move.
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May 24, 2016
Urban Decay, discontinued, lipstick

If you're a beauty junkie like pretty much any one of us here, you've probably caught wind of Urban Decay's new Vice Lipstick collection. I guess you can just call them "Urban Decay lipsticks" soon enough because these slick new sticks are replacing all of their current lipsticks. 100 lipsticks out-with-the-old'ing the current line-up of Revolution Lipstick, plus an additional 20 Sephora exclusive shades.

The Vice range will have some resurrected discontinued shades as well as new ones and some from the current roster. This does mean that the current shades not coming along for the revamp will soon be discontinued, so you'd best snap them up now if there's one you particularly love. (Also, they are half off on and and pretty much everywhere else, so why not go nuts?)

I was actually in SoCal not long ago and visited the one and only Urban Decay store in Newport and witnessed a woman come in and purchase literally their entire stock of lipsticks in Ravage because it was her favorite shade and she heard it was being discontinued. I think her tab came to about $222 (not that I'm a creep who was eavesdropping or anything)! Mostly, I was in awe of someone with such elegant consistency. If nothing else, it gave me a clear idea of just how obsessed people are with Urban Decay — says someone who hasn't owned any of the Naked palettes until someone gave me one this month.

They come in six different finishes: Cream, Sheer, Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Sheer Shimmer, and Metallized. Some of these formulas match the current Matte Revolution (Comfort Matte), Revolution (Cream), and Sheer Revolution (Sheer), but the packaging is different, the Vice ones having the traditional lipstick bullet shape, in a more compact shotgun shell casing. It's like a hybrid of Urban Decay's original shotgun shell lipstick packaging and the current Revolution lipstick packaging.

But enough about logistics! You want to know if the stick is worth the dip.

In short: Yes!

I would've traversed hot coals for that vault of 100 lipsticks, but I'm no sweepstakes winner, and as far as I know, it's too precious to be for sale. So I'll just have to settle for the 17 shades I got my hot little hands on.

Here's my face 17 times in a row!

What makes these lipsticks so great? Variety of colors from neutral to bold + long-lasting pigment + the comfortable feel of an Ugg boot + brass-knuckle badass look = these are the only things I want to wear on my lips.

I mean, Ruby Rose is the official spokesmodel for these lipsticks because of course she is. She hosted Urban Decay's Vice Lipstick launch party in Brooklyn a couple weeks ago, which I attended (with Alle!) but I didn't get to meet her because I hate waiting in line and she was besieged by bloggers and bodyguards. But I saw her, and she looked magnificent.

Of the six Vice formulas, my fave hands-down is the Comfort Matte; it's basically like a Dr. Scholl's gel for your lipstick. The appearance is a suede-like matte with the feel of a cream. I don't even need to balm up beforehand, and it lasts for hours sans touch-up, unless I'm eating.The wear of all formulas is amazing in that it doesn't feel like your lips are caked in lip stuff, and it fades fairly evenly (meaning no weird outline) all around compared to many of my other lipsticks, possibly because the pigments are so concentrated that the deeper colors stain a bit, sticking around for a long while.

These new lippies will be $17 as opposed to the former $22, so you can spend that $5 on chicken nuggets at the mall (if you're me). I even prefer this new packaging so much more, since the chisel bullet allows for more precise application, and the casing is more compact so it takes up less space in my bag; I even like the shotgun shell casing more for it's edgy slick look.

Vice lipsticks are being released June 5th, and slightly sooner if you're signed up as a UD Junkie. And I'm not positive, but since it's replacing all the former lipsticks, I'm pretty sure that's also the date that the old guard shall be removed. I don't know. It makes me nervous to type that because DON'T LEAVE ME, LIPSTICKS!

  • Are you psyched for new and many lipsticks? I mean, a brand replacing ALL of its current lineup with a new collection is a ballsy move.
  • Are you guys going to be hoarding all the Revolution lipsticks at half-off now? I already picked up Gash and Tempest, and now I'm like, But I can't leave everyone else behind! (I'm sick. I've got a fever. And the only cure is more lipstick.)