The Palette On Everyone's Wish List: Urban Decay's Vice3

UD strikes again!

For the eye shadow-obsessed (i.e. me) there are few things more exciting than a new shadow palette launch.

I typically don’t get too hyped up about Urban Decay palettes (I own three: this one, the Naked3 and the Electric Palette) but the Vice3 shot straight to the top of my wish list when I heard about its launch.

Let’s see if it’s worth that $60 price tag.

*angels singing as light shines down from above*


Urban Decay’s packaging is usually spot on, and this is no exception. It’s a pretty sturdy plastic--perfect for travel--and although it’s not as thin as my Lorac palettes, it’s not bulky. It also comes with a little zippered pouch. Unnecessary? Probably, but I like the added touch.


It’s a rarity that I can find an eye shadow palette that is consistent in quality across the board, and this is definitely one of the winners in that respect. From the mattes to the shimmers, all of these shadows are highly pigmented, smooth, and blendable. When I swatched it I was so surprised that even the matte shades only needed one swipe to show full color. Over primer, these shadows are especially unstoppable.

Shade Range

My absolute favorite part of this palette is that it has a variety of shades to work with (20 in total) and they aren’t just limited to neutrals or brights; there is a healthy mix of both. With Vice3, you can create a multitude of looks ranging from neutral to vibrant. To illustrate this point, I put together a few different color combinations for you guys.

1.) I used Alien on the lid, Defy on the crease and as a liner, Angel as a transition shade, and Truth on the brow bone. 2.) Dragon on the lid, Brokedown in the crease, Dif to transition, Bobby Dazzle as a brow bone highlight, and Revolver as a liner. 3.) Alchemy on the lid, Sonic in the center of the lid on top of that, Reign in the crease, Lucky as a Transition, Vanity as a liner, and Last Sin as a highlight. 4.) Freeze layered over Bondage for a duo-chrome effect on the lid, Heroine in the Crease, Defy as the transition, and Bobby Dazzle as the highlight.

And I lined my lids with Maybelline Eye Studio Master Drama Liner in Sapphire Strength.

While I had fun with some of these bolder looks, I think my absolute favorite combo was more neutral.

For this I used Dtf on the lid, Downfall in the crease, transitioned with Undone, and applied Last Sin lightly to my brow bone area.


As with most Urban Decay palettes, this one comes with a dual-ended brush, which ended up being the thing I least liked about this palette. On one end you have a small shader brush and on the other end you have a tapered blending brush.

The shader brush was a bit small for my liking, but it would do in a pinch. The blending brush isn’t fluffy enough to really blend well and the bristles are quite flimsy.


All in all, I think this palette is absolutely worth its price: you get 20 top notch shades in a variety of colors--that's $3 a shade. I really appreciate what Urban Decay has created here.

  • Have you checked out the UD Vice3 Palette yet?
  • What other palettes are on your wish list this year?