Channeling Mia Wallace With Urban Decay's 'Pulp Fiction' Palette

Aka Uma Thurman, aka the dame no man dares give a foot massage.
Publish date:
August 20, 2014
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Hey, guys, did you know it’s been 20 years since Pulp Fiction--the film that inspired millions to don a bloody nose and a sleek black wig to twist the night away every Halloween--hit theaters? It’s also been 20 years since the mid-90s, which makes me feel complex feelings, but that’s a whole other banana.

In the all-too-brief role of Mia Wallace, Uma Thurman's milkshake-shimmy-turned-resurrection was probably the most striking segment of the film. I mean, Quentin Tarantino didn't put her on the video jacket for nothing.

It makes sense that a badass makeup brand like Urban Decay would celebrate 20 moons since that fateful adrenaline stab by releasing a capsule collection inspired by Wallace. Her look is basically a black bob, crimson lips and nails, and an oh-so-laidback-cool-mom French-cuffed white blouse. It's really very simple, which is probably why Wallace oozed DGAF coolness, behind her cigarette, naturally. (It seems smoking only looked cool on film when they were still releasing movies on VHS. Shrug.)

We begin this Mia Wallace tutorial with Urban Decay's film-inspired eye shadow palette.

I was very excited to get my hands on this palette, which features some rather universally flattering and pleasantly versatile colors. It's a one-stop-shop for a perfectly matte and subtly smoky eye.

The eye shadows are named after words from the bible passage that Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) recites before he KABLAMMOs some dudes in the beginning of the movie. It even comes with a handy little tutorial for recreating UD’s interpretation of Wallace's.

That’s all fine and great, but since I have bratty youngest-child syndrome and immediately balk when I'm told what to do, I pretty much was like, NOPE!

My Mia Wallace is actually pretty similar to the tutorial, save for some shortcuts. I started by sweeping the light brown color, Tyranny, all over my eyelid, going upward and into my crease and using the fatter side of the brush that comes in the palette.

Flipping over to the skinny brush, I lined the outer corners of my eyes and my lower lash line with Vengeance, a dark brown.

Then I dipped an angled eyeliner brush in water and picked up some of the Furious pigment to create a cat-eye over the brown shadows. You could also skip the water and use a dry brush to create a smoky, blended cat-eye, or just use liquid liner, if you’re into a more precise look. I opted for a bit of both, dabbing Anger, a pearly white, onto the inner corners of my eyes and below my brows for highlighting.

Mascara is dealer's choice, but I used Too Faced Better Than Sex for its close-to-clumpy gluttonous lash effect.

For a super '90s lip, I reached for a deep matte rosy brown lipstick by Lancôme, Cognac Velvet.

All that’s left is the hair.

There's nothing too unique about an earth-tone blended cat-eye, red lipstick, and black bob, but the look made me feel like I could dance all night and OD on $5 milkshakes.

Okay, fess up. How many of y’all have done the Mia Wallace for All Hallow’s Eve? As far as Tarantino dames go, there was a year I pulled a Gogo Yubari (for obvious reasons), but it was such a pain tracking down a damn swinging mace. I’m sure medieval weapons-replicating retailers made a killing that year.